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The Episode starts with Akash and Anjali talking about the sarpech story. He says its total fantasy, can anyone see the bride’s face in diamond. She asks him to find the thing they can learn from it, he means love stories don’t have magic. Akash says don’t know, whats the use to keep sarpech at peak, I would have kept my lover’s souvenir by keeping close to my heart. She says everyone has different way to see love. He asks about her perspective. She says for me, what the queen did was right, if you love someone very truly, then there is no need to keep any memory, and also your lover, sometimes two lovers can’t unite by some reason, but love is so deep that they live with memories. He holds her hand and she rests her head on his shoulder.

Chand sees Abhiyankar having much pain. Abhiyankar

says I m fine. Chand says you need medical attention, you should go back to base camp. Abhiyankar says my team needs me here. Arjun says you don’t look fine. Abhiyankar says we will rest for some hours and then go. Arjun says I feel you should go back. Abhiyankar says if I don’t get well till morning, I will go back. He contacts Nasir and asks how is he. He says he is not in touch since 2 hours. Chand says I made mistake. Abhiyankar asks Nasir to be awake. Tashi snores. Akash and Anjali see him and smile. She says Colonel looks unwell. He says yes, but he said he is fine. She says we know him, he does everything by thinking. Akash says he is risking himself.

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She says he is practical. He says yes. She says whats Arjun’s problem, where was he going, I feel he does not care for mission, he has some other agenda. Akash says that’s unfair, why do you doubt on him, he is with team, I m sure he did this for some purpose, I know I don’t like him, he is egoistic, but he is not so bad. Anjali laughs and jokes. Akash says I know Arjun well now, he reminds me on Gaurav, he used to live life like king, and maybe no one understand him and Arjun.

Anjali says but you feel he is right. Akash says we all have some bad things. Anjali says Arjun as many bad things. He says maybe someone likes those things. She says fine, maybe you are right. Maithili calls Sarita and says she reached home. Sarita says she was worried, its late night. Maithili says fine. Sarita asks her how did she go home. Maithili says my cousin dropped me. Sarita catches her lie and says fine. Maithili gets worried. Sarita calls Vijaya and talks about Vidhaan, why did he break marriage, is there any reason.

Vijaya says you know me very well, I tell you everything straight, I feel our husbands made this plan and did not ask children, I felt Anjali is not happy with this. She says Vidhaan did not tell anything, but maybe he has some reason. She says we made Vidhaan ready, and he never refuses, but when Jagat came to our house then…. FB shows Jagat refusing for Anjali and Vidhaan’s proposal. Sarita thanks her.

Arjun talks to Akash. Anjali asks Nasir to wake up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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