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The Episode starts with Akash coming home and asking the men why are they here. The man says we tried contacting you since two loans, its last day for your personal loans, till you clear it, your home will be sealed. Akash says its my parents house. The man says its your house after their death, we will auction this house if you don’t pay. Akash says its illegal. The man says we can take anything. Akash says I took loan for camera. The man asks him to clear the payment, and he will take bike now. Akash says how can you take home and bike for Rs 10 lakhs. The man says we are helpless. Akash says I m helpless, I did not had work since one year, give me some time, please understand, how can I stay without home and bike, give me two days time, I will clear all dues. He says its my parents house and I can’t

lose it, take any legal doc, I will pay the bank.

The man says we have orders. Akash says if I fail to pay in two days, then you can seal the house. The man agrees. Akash comes inside the house and thinks about the auction orders. He looks outside and thinks about Gaurav’s death. He is scared seeing out of the window and shuts it. He thinks about Ramesh’s words. He calls Ramesh and asks can he meet him tomorrow. Ramesh says he is busy, but he can meet in evening. Akash says fine, I will come on time.

Sarita asks Anjali where is she going, as college is closed. Anjali says she wants to be away from dad’s sight to make his pain less. She leaves. Anjali comes to a place and stands at a height seeing the city view. Maithili comes to her and jokes. She says she wanted to take her for coffee and she called him here. Anjali says she had to think. Maithili says you can’t become a guy without doctors help, and my dad won’t allow me to keep BF. She says lets do summer jobs. She says you become undercover agent, Anjali Jasoos.

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She says she got the interview call for ad copy writer. She asks Anjali to come along. Anjali says no, I won’t do this, I have do something that I can show my face to Papa. Maithili asks her to forget it. Anjali says she can’t forget, she knows the reason why Papa used to stay far, and I have to end this distance. Maithili asks what will she do. Anjali says I don’t know, Papa was my hero, when everyone told his bravery stories, I used to think everyone will praise me one day and make him feel proud, I want to do something special to make him forget I m his daughter, not son. Maithili says his mentality is so small, its his mistake, you don’t need to do anything, he will understand it one day.

Anjali says I have to do something that she is shocked. Maithili says you run with some buy, Jodhpur will be shocked. Anjali beats her. Maithili says lets go shopping. Akash comes to meet Ramesh and says he won’t go by lift. He asks where is the stairs. Akash uses stairs and comes to Ramesh’s cabin. Ramesh says you came before time. Akash says yes. Ramesh asks what can he do for him. Akash says he thought about his offer and he feels this assignment has potential, and he has qualities, I have other assignments and I will manage. Ramesh says I see, it means you are ok to commit for 4 months. Akash says yes, I have a request. Ramesh says you want Rs 10 lakhs in two days, to save your house.

Akash asks how do you know. Ramesh says he found it out. Akash says I m sorry, I did not had intention to lie, thanks for meeting me. Ramesh asks why, mind changed, are you not interested. Akash says no, I felt…. Ramesh says sit down, Akash fight for love, not for right. I m happy that you have fear to lose something, now I m sure you will do your best. Sign this contract and you will get Rs 10 lakhs, and then after passing NIM training, and then after the documentary. He says you have to be Arjun’s shadow.

Akash asks if Arjun does not reach Everest, then my payment? Ramesh says you don’t worry, if you leave your work incomplete, forget payment. Akash says alright, fine, thanks. Ramesh asks him to meet Arjun today, and he will get details. Akash meets Shikha Maa and she says you will climb Everest. She says he does not have Vertigo, are you mad, you are having medicines, you think you can climb Everest, its not a kids game. Akash says come sit, and says you told me to move on. Shikha says yes, I did not ask to play with life. Akash says he went 15 floors by stairs, as he does not have courage to go by lift, I don’t know how will I do this assignment, but I have to. She says I can’t lose another son.

He says nothing will happen to me. She says take me along, I will take care of you. She says promise me, you will meet your psychiatrist first. He says did it affect me till now in 8 months, I m going for training now. She says don’t show bravery in training. He says tell me how is your health, I m seeing you look dull. She says I m fine. He asks her to make parathas for him. Maithili is teased by a man, and Anjali runs after him to bear him.

The guy runs and Anjali tries to catch him. They run in the market area. He goes across a gate and smiles asking her to come now. Anjali looks at him and jumps through the gate. He is shocked seeing her. He runs again. She catches him and beats him. Maithili comes there with the police. The police arrests the man. Anjali says he teased my friend, shameless man. Maithili says lets go. Anjali says what do you think, a girl can’t do anything, we are not weak, don’t think we are less than boys. She leaves angrily. Maithili gets impressed and smiles.

Arjun Sabarwal’s intro is shown. Jagat tells Anjali about a marriage proposal for Anjali. Anjali asks Sarita is this a punishment for being a girl and cries. Akash looks at the Mission Everest contract. Ramesh is hiding something about Akash and tells Arjun that if anyone doubts on their real motive, it will be very bad. Anjali hears Jagat telling her dream, and love for mountains.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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