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The Episode starts with Sam telling Abiyankar about storm at Geneva Spur. Abhiyankar asks the team to stay in their tents and secure it. Anjali says she is fine and don’t need help. Rina gives the news bits. Sarita and Jagat hear about the team’s problem to save the tents, as the storm is pushing the tents down. They get worried. Chand says we are facing so many problems. Chand reminds Abhiyankar about Tara. He recalls her and smiles. Tara asks him to think about himself. She sings a song in ankhon ki masti me…………. The storm pushes their tent and they get a huge jerk.

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Akash asks Arjun where is he going. Arjun says hold it.

Abhiyankar asks the team to hold the tents tight. He asks Anjali to hold the tent base. The tent and the oxygen cylinders fall. Abhiyankar asks them to save their tents. They try to save the oxygen cylinders. Abhiyankar says its tough to hold it, and leaves the empty tent. The rope tangles his leg and he falls. Arjun holds his hand and saves him. The team holds Arjun and he tries to pull Abhiyankar up. He removes the rope from his leg. Abhiyankar says he has some sprain.

Chand says he is hurt. Abhiyankar says I m fine. Its very cold there, its not safe to stay outside the tents, we have to adjust in remaining tens. He says half of oxygen supply is gone and this should be enough, nothing is going by our plan. He contacts Sam and gives the updates. Sam says its bad news, but thank God you are all safe, is anyone wounded. Abhiyankar says yes, I got a little hurt, but nothing to worry. Sam says you know it well, but can team survive with less oxygen.

Sam gets worried and gets emotional. Abhiyankar says we will get Nasir back. Chand asks him is he fine. Abhiyankar says I m fine, he won’t take painkillers. Anjali and Akash rest by each other’s side and laugh on Tashi’s snores. She says I can’t believe we escaped death so many times, don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Akash recalls Gaurav’s death. He says he won’t believe in fate. She explains him her point. He says he don’t believe everything is written, and people around us have power to change out fate, I wish I could be close to Gaurav that day, and saved him from falling. Anjali says you can’t think so. He says he won’t let this happen again, but I won’t let Shikha Maa suffer, my loved ones, you….

Arjun sits and Dorjee asks him to sleep. Arjun asks him how many times did he reach peak. He says we Sherpas do duty at Everest. Arjun says he wants to go to peak to show his courage. Dorjee asks him to rest now. Anjali and Akash laugh as Tashi says the snoring is bad weather.

Anjali talks about Akas about everyone’s perspective to see love. he asks her about her perspective.

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