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The Episode starts with the Himalayan scene. Anjali Singh Rawat is shown walking up the cold mountains and being stuck at the high point. She sees the metal stairs and pulls it by tucking the rope. She hammers the stairs to her side and walks on the stairs. She is determined to go to the other side and the stairs get shaky. She falls and shouts hanging to the stairs. The story goes back to three months in Jodhpur. Anjali opens the window and welcomes the morning with her smile. She ruins to get the newspaper and keeps it well in the tea tray. Her mum Sarita teases her for waking up at 7am. Anjali says its not first time. She says yes, last time was when you were 6 year old. Sarita asks whats special today.

She says its my graduation ceremony, this is for dad, did he wake up. Brigadier Jagat Singh

Rawat waits for the newspaper. Anjali asks will did come in convocation. Sarita says you go and ask him. Sarita tells Anjali not to feel bad if Jagat tells something, as he had head ache at night. Anjali says she is ready and gives him tea and paper. She greets him good morning. He asks how did you get it. She says actually I took it. He says cream biscuits with tea and this cup, where is your mum, when will I get morning tea.

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Sarita brings tea tray again and says biscuits ended and Anjali did not know about new packet. He asks whats the use of changing the normal. She gives him tea. He tastes it and says Darjeeling tea. Anjali says yes, I made it, is it nice. He says hmm. Sarita says yes its very good. Anjali says I had to ask something. He gets busy reading paper. She tells about graduation ceremony and she is getting award of topper. She asks can he come. He says I will see.

A guy Akash Joshi wakes up by a bad dream of leaving some guy’s hand and the alarm clock rings. He realizes it was a dream and gets ready. He feeds his fishes and leaves from home. He goes to meet his mum and says he got interview call after two days and have to go now. She says don’t be afraid, I know no one can equal to you in work, I m sure of you like I was about….. He says about Gaurav, if he was here, he would have not been afraid, I don’t know I can do it now or not. She says get up and asks him to out his hand on his heart and promise him, that he will try his best for Gaurav’s sake. He says I promise bro. She says its one year now, move on now, this is my last wish in my life. He hugs her as she cries.

Anjali prepares his speech and starts with her dad. Her best friend Maithili says she should thank her for her sacrifices, and she wants a trophy to be given to Maithili. Anjali asks do you think my dad will come, as I did not call him before, if he comes today…. Maithili says you topped in Rajasthan’s state and gold medal in English Literature, he will come, if he does not, you can show it at home. Anjali says she wants him to clap for her bring proud of her. She says all medals are useless for her if dad does not come. Maithili asks what did he say. Anjali says he said he will come, I think he will surely come this time and they laugh.

Akash Joshi comes to meet Ramesh Roongta and is asked to go to his cabin on 15 th floor. Akash goes in the lift and is scared of height as he sees out of the glass. He thinks of leaving Gaurav’s hand. He thinks of the past about Gaurav, who was taking him to cover a breaking news. Akash says we cover tough stories, think about our reputation. Gaurav says every girl doubts me, lets cover Page 3 stories. Akash gets a kidnapping case and Sir asks him to reach immediately. He asks Gaurav to come, as its Bhaskar’s call, its kidnapping case of a girl.

Akash and Gaurav come to the place where the girl is held captive in the under construction building. They go upstairs and find the man threatening the girl. Akash starts recording and they try to go closer. The kidnapper asks the girl to say yes, else he will kill her. Akash asks him to stop, as he won’t get anything killing her. He says we are from TV, see this camera, you will be live telecast, you will get what you want. The girl tries to run and the kidnappers catches her. Akash says we can help you in getting money or anything else, if police comes, it will be blood, say what you want to.

He asks Gaurav to get mic. The kidnapper says he wants a car, else he will kill the girl. The police siren plays in Gaurav’s phone and the kidnapper attacks Akash. Gaurav takes the girl and asks her to run. Akash beats the kidnapper.Gaurav leaves the girl out and beats the kidnapper. The man pushes him down the building. Akash lies on the metal rods to save Gaurav and holds his hand. Gaurav says Akash, don’t leave my hand, I will die. Akash starts bleeding by the metal inlets gone in his body. He gets weak and Gaurav’s hand slips by his hand. Gaurav falls down and dies from such a height.

Akash gets back to his present, being in the lift and feels short of breath., being scared of heights. (Acrophobia) Anjali talks on phone to her friends and ends it to hear Sarita and Jagat talking. Sarita says we will talk before Anjali comes back home. Jagat says he won’t go there. Sarita says its big day for Anjali, she is getting award from state education minister, I go always but she always find you, can’t you do this for her, she is your daughter Jagat. Jagat says I know she is a daughter, I can’t forget this. She says you disliked her when she was born and did not see her face for one month, I can’t forget that ever.

She cries and says even then I always hoped that her innocence will win your heart one day, atleast for humanity. He says never, don’t keep such hope, I can’t compromise that I don’t have a son, but a daughter. Sarita says why to punish her, whats her mistake. He says yes, its my mistake. Anjali hears this and cries. He says its my fate’s mistake, what will I punish anyone, my fate is punishing me. She says she is going to take your name high today, support her. He says he can’t show fake happiness, if he had a son, he would have joined army and made him proud.

He says Anjali….. I see her and just see my broken dream and hope, Anjali is my helplessness, my punishment, biggest failure of my life. He leaves. Sarita and Anjali cry. Anjali comes in her room and thinks about her parents’c conversation. She sees the old childhood album where she is just with Sarika in pics. She checks other albums and Jagat is nowhere with her. She cries thinking of her dad’s bitter words.

Akash comes to meet Ramesh. Ramesh says you are late. Akash says I m sorry. Ramesh talks to him. Akash thanks him for calling him. Ramesh asks does he know about Arjun Sabarwal. Akash says yes, Arjun, mountaineer, he has climbed to seven out of eight highest mountains. Ramesh says we have chosen Arjun as the brand ambassador of our company and we will sponsor him for his next challenge, but something which never happened before, to reach the Everest. Akash says amazing, what am I doing here, I m reporter. Ramesh says you will capture this mission, this documentary will be imp and will telecast on any channel. Akash says you mean I will have to climb as well. Ramesh says yes, it will be success story for all of us, are you ON? Akash gets tensed thinking about Gaurav’s fall.

Sarita knocks the room door. Anjali cries and hides her tears to open the door. Sarita asks when did she come, whats all this mess, were you finding something, are you fine, as you went on shopping with Maithili. Anjali says I m fine. Sarita asks why is she upset. It’s a big day today. Anjali says she is not going in graduation ceremony. Sarita says why not, principal called you an all rounder and said he is jealous and he wished to have a daughter like you. Anjali says he was lying. Sarita says ok, I understand, maybe Papa messaged he can’t come, you know he does not like taking leave. Anjali says why are you lying, he does not want to come, as he does not want me, a daughter. Sarita is shocked.

Akash says video graphers are many in Mumbai, i got work as my luck was good. Ramesh says luck, talent and foolishness is similar, I saw your work and its impressing, I felt you are perfect candidate for this, you will get proper training in mountaineering institute, Arjun is going today, you go along, I need 4 months commitment and money, charge the highest you want. Akash says can I give reply in one or two days, four months is long time, and I will just see my old work. Ramesh says fine, your old employer recommended you, maybe he does not know your past records, fine, nice meeting you. Akash is stunned and leaves from his cabin.

Anjali tells Sarita that she heard them talking. Sarita says you were at home? Anjali says I want to know from you, the truth is Papa does not love me, he hates me. Sarita says he is your Papa, how can he hate you, did he slap or scold you, you got what you wanted, he took care. Anjali says but never loved, you are misunderstanding. Anjali says he left from hospital when I was born, we don’t have any pic together, its not love, but hatred. Sarita says its not like that, he loves you, he is not like other fathers, it has a reason.

She says after two sisters, he was the only brother, the only son in his house, and wanted a son, when you were born, there was complications that I can’t conceive again and so… Anjali says so he hates me. Sarita says no, he blames you and me, I could not give him a son, he had big dreams to having a son, sending him to army and making a big officer. Anjali says why did you not tell me, I would have gone to army. Sarita says no, its not the same. Anjali says can’t daughter get his love. Sarita says he loves you as his daughter, don’t hope more than it, its not in his hands. Sarita hugs her and cries.

Mathili comes and hugs Sarita asking for Anjali. She says congrats and runs to meet Anjali at the terrace. She shows her trophy and says congrats, I called you 50 times, why did you not take my call, you should have come, everyone was calling out Anjali, and the principal said student of the year Anjali Rawat is one in a thousand. I got famous being your best friend and I showed attitude. She asks Anjali is she fine, and hold the trophy, she will take her pic. Anjali cries. Maithili asks why is she upset, if everyone is happy. Anjali says no, my dad is not happy, he does not care, he hates me. Maithili says what, are you mad. Anjali says yes he hates me. She says he told himself as I m a girl, not a guy. She says this award will not be given to Anjali Rawat, as I could not do anything special. I m a daughter, this trophy should be given to special, to Jagat’s son, who could not get born because of me, and claps standing on the edge. She throws the trophy and it breaks. Maithili asks her to get down. Sarita sees the trophy broken and sees Anjali. Jagat comes home and Anjali hides. He sees the trophy and asks whats this broken. Anjali says its your dream and hopes broken, sorry it got broken by me.

Sarita goes inside and he walks to her. Anjali says its not in her hand to be a daughter, but she can be more than a daughter as he wants, its my promise to you, I will erase the need for a son from your life, its my first task.

Anjali says she is going to college to be away from Papa’s sight. Akash says he will climb Everest. Anjali tells Maithili that she has to do something to raise in her Papa’s eyes. A guy teases Maithili and Anjali runs after him to beat him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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