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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar imagining Tara and talking to her. He says when he saw her for the first time, he has decided to spend his life with her. She says I feel the time was not enough. He asks why did you leave me, what was the hurry, why did you not take me. She says I m fine alone, its peaceful, I m happy. He says I m not happy. She says let me be in peace, come later and trouble me. He says I miss you a lot. She says when you feel alone, come to these mountains when we were together for the last time. She disappears. Chand sees Abhiyankar and asks what happened. Abhiyankar says nothing and sleeps.

Tashi contacts Chand and jokes on him. Anjali smiles hearing them. Chand is clueless and asks what is he saying. Tashi reminds him the girl in bar. Abhiyankar says you did not tell me,

who is she. Chand says no one, I just spoke to someone. They laugh. Ramesh talks to his uncle and says he did survey and asked about century brand, and many people are ready to use the items, we can get world famous. His uncle asks did he get the survey by some agency and his company did it. Ramesh says our company research team has done this, you can hire any agency and cross check it.

His uncle says I don’t need, I won’t pay people to hear what I want, its waste of money. Ramesh lies to him more about century corp growth. His uncle says I did not hear this. Ramesh says I m not lying. His uncle says I m not donkey, I know what you are doing, this is business, you can’t fool people. Ramesh says I know it, give me some more time. His uncle says we gave you enough time, you did not do anything good, few weeks are there out of six months. Ramesh asks for three months extension. His uncle asks him to prove himself in few weeks, and asks him to start real business, as they will not support him.

Ramesh contacts Arjun and asks him to do something. Arjun sees Akash there. Ramesh asks his plan. Arjun says no plan till now. Ramesh says make a plan to do the work. Arjun says I did not think anything. Ramesh says yes, do me that favor, when everyone comes back, you have to go ahead till peak. Arjun says it will be risky. Ramesh says yes, you have come here to take risk. Arjun tells Akash that Ramesh is strange. Akash says he is creep, its good I don’t need to work for him, but you have long term contract. Arjun says yes. Akash asks how do you work for him. Arjun says he hurts me and I hurt him, simple, he knows he can’t force me. Akash says but he was not giving me payment. Arjun says but then he gave. Akash says yes, he said he will. Arjun says don’t worry, I don’t work for money, mountaineering is my passion, I got money and I became celebrity, I enjoy the adventure.

Akash says my friend Gaurav used to say the same, it was his dream to be rich like you. They hear Tashi talking to Chand, about a love story. He tells about sarpech and asks do they know about it. Anjali says king and queen’s turban ornament is called Sarpech. Tashi says right, this story also has a sarpech of Indian king. Tashi tells about the sarpech and no one knows about it, the king always kept it close and loved it. The FB shows the king keeping sarpech safe. Tashi says people thought sarpech did some magic on king, as he used to keep cleaning it, he saw a beautiful woman’s face in it one day. The king decides she will be his wife for all births and his love will be immortal.

Tashi says he did not wish to forget that face and he decided to make a pic of it. He says he got a great artist to make the sketch and it was very beautiful. The king asked his men to find that face. And after many months, he saw that face infront of him. He says when he told the girl he has seen her face before, the girl was not shocked, as she has seen his face many times before, and then they got married. They were made for each other. His love for queen increased that he forgot the sarpech, as his most valuable thing was in his heart, not crown.

He says like every love story has end, this also ended, after few years, the king died, the queen’s heart broke and she knew the sarpech was close to his heart and wanted him to keep it, so she wanted to place it near to king, she has placed it at world’s highest peak, some Indian climber has buried in Everest peak. He says kind and queen were together for births. Chand says you make good stories, you mean Everest peak has valuable diamond. Tashi says I heard so. Chand says maybe someone took it if it was there. Tashi says no, its pure, if anyone takes, it will not be bad. Arjun says if Everest protects every good thing, why do people die there. Tashi says its fate, Everest will give chance to those who passes the test. Anjali hears them.

The team falls down while pulling the tents.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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