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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar contacting Nasir. Nasir says I m alive, I m alone, and in bad state. Abhiyankar says be strong, we are trying to come. He asks him not to sleep and they will reach in morning. Akash talks to Nasir. Nasir says your team is climbing continuously, just to save my life, thanks to you all. Jagat sits outside the house and looks at the moon. Abhiyankar says we will start climbing at 4am, we have less time to rest. Akash and Anjali joke and laugh. Sam contacts Abhiyankar and gives the weather update, about getting clear weather tomorrow. He asks them to rest. Abhiyankar thanks him.

Akash talks to Sam and gives his message to Shikha. He says tell her that I spoke to Ramesh, confirm with him about clearing the bills. Sam calls Shikha and gives Akash’s message. He says

they will manage everything. She asks is he fine. He says he is fine, he asked you not to worry. She cries and says I m his mother, I know he is in danger. Sam contacts Akash and says he spoke to Shikha. Akash asks what she say. Sam says she is mother, and asks you not to worry for you, as you are climbing dangerous mountains. He says I told her about bill clearing, and she told not to blame yourself. She knows its not your mistake, she asked you to focus and take care, when you come back, she will serve you hot parathas. Akash says yes, she makes great, thanks. Sam blesses him.

Arjun gives choc to Akash and says she is your friend’s mother right. Akash says yes, Gaurav’s mother, he is not alive. Arjun says she loves you a lot. Akash says yes, she loved me more than her son. Arjun says you are son, fate gives such mother’s love. He gets sad. Jagat calls Sam and says we got the news of Avalanche. Sam says our team was lucky to get saved. Jagat asks did anyone get hurt. Sam says minor wounds, they were in shock, but fine. Jagat asks about Anjali, is she fine. Sam says she is absolutely fine, she was the first to dig ice and come out, she helped to bring others out.

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Jagat says I m afraid how will she go ahead on fate, she can’t cheat death again and again. Sam says such people make their own way. Rina gives the news bits and Jagat follows it. Anjali contacts Nasir and keeps him busy in her talk, so that he does not sleep. Nasir says he gets peace listening to her, only she can talk to him on walkie. He says its enough of Abhiyankar. Anjali says now I understand how you did 4 marriages and jokes. Nasir says its interesting to climb Everesr, I tried this four times. Abhiyankar and Chand hear them on walkie and smile.

Nasir and Anjali have a long talk. Nasir tells his life journey and he has got whatever he wanted, what else was remaining. She says there are many people who want a good life like you. She says I can’t even think when a person has everything, how does it feel. Nasir says I won’t lie to you, its very peaceful, but there should be aim in life. Anjali asks is Everest his aim of life and passion. Nasir says maybe not, it was impossible dream for me, I had new experiences. He says atlast I found Everest.

Nasir says once he reaches the peak, he will lose his aim in life. She says sometimes its good to talk out feelings straight, else the person loses the chance. Nasir says your personal experience is saying this, right. Anjali thinks.

Anjali talks about sarpech. Ramesh asks Arjun his plan. Arjun says there is no such plan yet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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