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The Episode starts with Kabir thanking Anjali. Everyone clap for mountain rockers. Abhiyankar says he is proud of Akash and Arjun, for showing true spirit of mountaineering and asks Kabir is he fine. Kabir says yes. Abhiyankar says Kabir is a true man who has felt their goodness and appreciated it, the mountains taught them to become a human. He asks Kabir to announce the winners. Kabir says mountain rockers. Everyone cheer for mountain rockers. Abhiyankar says enough now, you can celebrate at NIM, as it was last session of training, you can go back home after this. They all leave for NIM. Abhiyankar asks Arjun is he fine. Arjun says yes, its juts a sprain. Kabir thanks Akash for saving his life. He says you are my hero, and hugs him. Anjali smiles seeing them become friends.

They board the bus.

Anjali sees Akash upset and asks whats the matter. Akash says he did not save Kabir. She says what, then who has saved him, you have held his hand and pulled him. Akash says no, got an attack, Arjun saved Kabir, I guess I did not do anything. Anjali says stop it, Kabir was waved as you were there, forget everything. Abhiyankar says you all are mountaineers for me from today, congrats. They all clap and smile. The bus reaches NIM and they get down. Abhiyankar comes to know Ramesh Roongta has come and is waiting in his office. Awasthi asks the students to reach auditorium at sharp 7.

Abhiyankar meets Ramesh. They have a talk. Abhiyankar says you know to know about Arjun, is he ready or not. He says Arjun is ready. Ramesh says my question is are you ready for the everest expedition. Abhiyankar says as your question did not change, my answer also did not change. Ramesh says that’s a real pity. Akash thinks about Gaurav’s death and Kabir. Siraj comes to him and ass his autography to show off at home. He jokes and laughs. He says I will always remember you Akash, I will see you on tv when you get an award for the Everest documentary, I will be so proud of you. Akash says I m not going to Everest. Siraj says what…..

Ramesh comes to meet Akash and asks is he ready for Everest. Akash says he can’t go with Arjun on Everest expedition. Ramesh asks what do you mean. Akash says I m not fit for it. Ramesh says he saved Kabir two hours ago, he is not a fool, tell me the truth. Akash says he is saying the truth. Ramesh says we have a contract. Akash says yes, I have training footage. Ramesh says you got trained for the Everest mission, you can’t leave it. Akash says sorry, I don’t have choice, I will find someone good for your work. Ramesh says thanks, you promise me as you begged to me to get this assignment. He says you will never get work in this industry, that’s my promise, I don’t break my promises. Arjun tells Ramesh that Abhiyankar is not leading the expedition and Akash is not making documentary, how will we arrange their replacements in 7 days. Ramesh says everything will be managed, don’t worry.

Akash tells Anjali that he has refused to Ramesh as he is not going on Everest expedition. She is shocked and asks why, is he mad. He says he can’t go, he has Acrophobia, he can’t take risk of his life or anyone else. She asks him to stay for convocation and say bye to all. He says no, I don’t deserve it. He says I will leave now, don’t know we will meet again or not. He says he will never forget her, and no one can be like her, she is very special for him. He calls her Jodhpuri Gilheri (squirrel). She smiles. He asks her to take care, if anyone waves hi to her at any Dhaba, then she should also wave hi, maybe it will be him. He leaves with his belongings. He stops and looks at NIM.

The convocation starts in the auditorium and everyone clap. Abhiyankar greets them and says congrats for being here till the end of course. He says new students come every year, and we give them certificates, but this year it was unusual, as you all have passed with flying colors. Akash sits in the bus. Abhiyankar says congrats and I hope you will face all life’s problems well. Awasthi says they will be given honors trophy and asks them to come on stage. Viju is called first, followed by others. Akash’s name is called. Meera calls Akash and says they are taking Shikha Maa, she was found unconscious on the ground. She cries. Akash says calm down and tell me what happened. She says Shikha Maa fainted, they are taking her to hospital, come soon. He is shocked.

Anjali tells everything to Siraj. Akash’s name is repeatedly called. Abhiyankar signs Anjali and she goes to take Akash’s certificate on his behalf. Kabir is called next. The black horses clap for him. The rest of black horses team is called. Raman goes on stage and black horses applaud for him. The best student of the year award goes to two students Anjali and Siraj. She thanks them. Abhiyankar says Anjali and Siraj will share the scholarship of Rs 10 lakhs equally. Everyone clap for them. Abhiyankar says well done, and good luck for your future. Akash is on the way.

Ramesh asks Abhiyankar to join him. Abhiyankar calls Anjali and meets her. He says sponsors will meet you and invest money. Arjun talks to Gopal. Akash tells doctor that he will arrange money soon. Anjali says she came to know two months ago that her dad regards her the biggest mistake of his love.

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