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The Episode starts with both the teams dancing near bonfire by playing some music. Akash talks to Anjali about Neil Armstrong going to moon and playing some music. He says maybe they felt some alien came there or maybe they did party and danced. Anjali laughs saying he is mad. He tells her about his parents death when he was 17 years old when they both died in car accident. He says they have spoiled me by over pampering, and then one day, I did not know what to do, and kept wandering, and met my best friend Gaurav and his mum Shikha Maa.

He says Gaurav did not let me go my home, and I had food there always. Anjali asks what does Gaurav do. Akash tells he used to work with him, and Gaurav died last year in an accident. Anjali says I m really sorry Akash. He says he made her mood off by his sad

story and asks her story. He guesses her parents love her a lot and must be proud of her, right. She says hald correct and tells him about her dad, army officer and his mountaineering dream, so she wants to do this for her dad.

He says he will be proud father. She says he does not know I m here and he is not proud of me till now, he feels a son can give happiness to his dad, and a girl can’t, I want to change his thinking by doing what his son would have done, by fulfilling his Everest dream, if it happens then I will tell him, else not. Akash says he does not know what you are, I will tell him if I get a chance, that you are equal to 20 guys. She says we have to leave in one hour and says she did not focus in class. He says he will tell her. He shows her seven stars, and shows the most shiny one. She says yes, I can see it now. They have an eyelock and smile. She says uhmm and breaks the odd moment.

The black horses remove the tent. Arjun looks on. Its morning, Raman gives his knowledge about North star. Arjun asks him to shut up and asks the teams to come. Kabir slips and asks for help. The black horses ask Akash to help. Akash throws the rope and asks Kabir to hold it and come upwards. Kabir says no, I m not getting it. Akash makes the rope down and asks him to come up as they were taught in climbing. Akash pulls him up. Kabir slips more. He asks Akash to save him and shouts. Akash says fine, I m coming. He ties the rope to his waist and goes to save Kabir. He gives his hand to Kabir. Akash holds his hand and thinks about Gaurav’s death. Kabir shouts Akash as his hand slips and Akash gives a blank stare. Arjun comes and holds Kabir’s hand. He pulls Kabir up and asks Akash to pull him too. They save Kabir.

Pari cares for Kabir and thanks Akash for saving Kabir, as they all did not do anything to save Kabir. Akash thanks Arjun. Arjun says its fine. Pari hugs Kabir and cries. Abhiyankar, Rana and Awasthi wait at the camp. Both the teams come back happily and clap. Abhiyankar says they have spent one day and one night, and came back safely. He says in 48 hours, you learnt a lot. He says the army motto. He says they should not leave any team member behind. He says the team can lose trust from leader if such case. He calls the team leaders to come infront. Anjali and Kabir come forward.

Abhiyankar asks them to give numbers to each other. Kabir gives 10/10 to mountain rockers. Anjali and everyone smile. Kabir says Anjali’s heart is cheese, she melts, she will give them 7-8, but their team should not get more than 2. Kabir tells him how he fell off cliff and Akash saved him. He thanks Akash and everyone clap.

Abhiyankar concludes the NIM training. Akash talks to Anjali. He comes to know about Shikha Maa’s ill health.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow finally anjash eyelock scene

  2. I luv todays epi…n the eyelock omg 😉 aakash is so cute_mujhe usse pyaar ho gaya h 😛

  3. Aaksah n anjali r so cute

  4. Today’s episode was awesome

  5. Hey guys is Aaksah leaving nim …it is shown in precap

  6. i liked todays episode ……. i like the concept of the bad guys becoming gud n having a conscience …. 🙂

  7. very impressive story.,,.,.

  8. Awww their training is over already?? :'( gonna miss both the teams a lott!! <3 now the real deal starts from next week!

  9. But how will aakash n anjali meet each other

  10. they will meet in everest expedition.

  11. akash ,arjun and anjali all three will meet in way of everest coz aakash will shoot arjun’s journey to everest so he will be with arjun aall the way and anjali is also going to reach everest.

  12. at last we are watching a good episode

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