Everest 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nasir coming base camp and Rinak taking his interview. Nasir thanks everyone and gives credit to rescue team, and salutes the Sherpas. Rina thanks him and Nasir’s words strike Ramesh. Ramesh talks to Nasir and says you got a new life, thank to Allah. Nasir laughs and says I m not threatening you, its just warning that you get some humanity, I know you have sent Akash for your need, using his helplessness. Sam says they are doing the summit, come. Ramesh goes to Sam.

Akash and Anjali proceed towards the summit. Anjali recalls her words that she wants Jagat to be proud of her. She recalls Jagat’s words. She thinks her life journey since she heard saying against a girl child and then how she left from home to pursue his dream. She proceeds towards the peak with Akash.

Akash stands far and records her summit moments. Anjali smiles standing at the peak. She says I did it dad, I have done Everest summit. She smiles and Akash records her glorious moments. She recalls Chand’s words that Everest chooses who will reach its peak. She says see Nima where we reached, I did not stop Chand just for you.

She says you will be here forever. Akash comes to the peak and takes a breath. He says you are with me on every step Gaurav, you brought me here, I don’t have any fear now, I will be fearless now, this is for you Gaurav. Anjali smiles. Akash says I did not think I will come till here with you. She gives her hand. He holds her hand and gets up. They smile seeing each other. She asks can he think they are on Everest. Everest musical plays ……………….

They see around the mountains. Sam contacts them. Akash says we have done the summit. The team is glad to know it. Sam says we are waiting for you at the base camp. Sam hugs Ramesh saying we did it. The team rejoices. Rina gives the news about Anjali Rawat and Akash Joshi doing Everest Summit. Jagat and Sarita are glad. He lifts Sarita being happy and hugs Vidhaan. Maithili says I told you Anjali will do this. Sarita says she went on her dad.

They get calls from relatives. Shikha Maa and Seema sit with neighbors to watch the news. Jagat says yes, she is my daughter, did you see her. Seema attends calls and passes phone to Shikha. Shikha says yes, thanks, I m very glad. Rina says Anjali and Akash are on the mount everest peak. Akash gives the flag to Anjali, and says no one deserves it more than you. She recalls Jagat’s similar pic. She records her flag raising moment. She smiles holding India’s flag. He says its not so big for a girl to do this, and media is proud of you Anjali, you are looking very beautiful. Abhiyankar reaches the camp 3 and meets Arjun. He says its Anjali and Akash’s victory. Arjun says its yours too, and they take to the tent.

Nasir says congrats Sam, its great victory and asks about Abhiyankar. Abhiyanakr contacts Sam. Ramesh sits thinking.

Akash says I love you Anjali and they kiss. Ramesh says everything is ready to be sold, the price should be right Nasir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So happy as well as sad. I was very emotional while watching today. I have never ever seen such a serial in my whole life staying close to real life. I always wished Anjali & Akash would express their feeling at the peak with a kiss. Can’t wait till tmrw but at the same time feel really sad that it’ll be over by then. Felt so happy when Anjali’s papa proudly expressed his delight on knowing about her summit. Best serial ever on Indian television. Sweet & simple. Congrats to the entire crew on screen & off screen. All the best wishes to them & they’ll always remain in my heart like a melodious song and an inspirational poem

  2. Finally everest peak
    Akash anjali u rock (ansh)

  3. I am going to download the entire series of this show. I am going to miss this too much. Even i’ll make VMs of Ansh.

    @shaya thanks for the name ANSH. It’s pretty cool.

  4. Everest is such a touching serial.gonna miss it very badly….

  5. Rocking serial!
    I wish to watch such inspiring serial again n again!
    Excited for todays epi!

  6. I love the serial very much!
    Last epi to go then it wil al turn a history!
    Anjali n akash rocks!
    Mehak shipa n shivali what i predicted has come true!i said that akash n anjali wil reach the everest n there akash wil mke his luv confession!
    What i said its al happening!
    Wow excited for d next epi

  7. Ya natasha u wre correct!
    I wil mis this serial alot!

    1. I love this serial…gonna miss it very badly. All d best to entire crew for their future.

  8. Very good serial but badly directed a lot of precious time was lost in repeated flashbacks.now in one day they have to show the long return welcome at base camp then the triumph of returning home to a changed father. The mourning of chand with col and then badecamp.Then anjali akash story accepted by parents not to forget akash reaching his own home . This was not properly thought of i feel and all viewers at the end r going to feel cheated.

  9. That badecamp is basecamp …sorry

  10. Oh and i forgot that evil guy and his sarpech he should be dealt with as well …. so many things pending and just an hour to finish them in .sorry i forgot 40 mins cause advertisments will also b there. Director sir after all the hard work of shooting the serial what a thoughtless thing to do

  11. Natasha and mehak I cannot believe this . It’s awesome precap . Love confession and kiss .i am eagerly waiting for today .

  12. Natasha and mehak think tell me when will we chat after the serial ends ?

  13. Natasha and mehak think and then tell me when will we chat after the serial ends ?

  14. I cant believe so many of u r just thrilled abt the kiss on everest
    i guess the serial was made for people who would be thrilled with just that . I feel any serial on air should end properly

  15. Bandhu Aggarwal

    How I wish the Serial had crisp meaningful 52 episodes instead of stretched 104. There was too much of avoidable mush. And I don’t know who is responsible for making it kind of Sadistic-Ashutosh OR Mr Director. All the same I am surprised myself that I managed to see all episodes, a feat earlier accomplished for ’24’ only.

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