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The Episode starts with Sam saying Abhiyankar not to blame himself, he is the best but he can’t change anyone’s fate. Abhiyankar says don’t know what enmity Everest has with me, it took away my loved ones. Sam says maybe it wants you to come back. Abhiyankar says the worst moment in life is when you wish you could take time back. Sam says I learnt that to think about what you can’t do is useless. He asks him to confirm as Tashi and Arjun are waiting for him at camp 4. Abhiyankar says ok.

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Anjali thinks she can’t go ahead without Chand. She sees Jagat asking her to go ahead, she can do it. Akash asks her to come. They start going ahead. Akash

informs Sam that they are going ahead. Sam says that’s great news. Anjali sees Jagat sitting far and smiles. Akash records some moments with Everest. Jagat says the dreams which can’t be fulfilled should be forgotten, but today my dream is getting true by you. She says she can do anything for him.

Jagat asks her to go ahead for those who are lost, and for him and herself. She thanks him for making her fears away and smiles. Akash asks Anjali to have oxygen as she can get hallucinated. He makes her take oxygen and she says she is fine, don’t worry. Maithili is with Vidhaan and tensed, thinking what will she tell them. He says relax, we will say whats true, Anjali’s parents know both of us, they will understand.

She says they can think I ditched my best friend. H says they will understand, I just know we did not do wrong, Ramesh looks on. He talks to Sam and comes to know about Akash and Anjali’s progress. Anjali tells Abhiyankar that they are proceeding towards Everest. Abhiyankar says all the best, my blessings are with both of you. She says thanks for everything.

Sarita and Jagat see the new recording of Rina, who shares bits of Anjali’s interview, telling about her dad and she wants to become like her dad. Sarita and Jagat smile. Vidhaan and Maithili come to meet them. He says he needs to say something. Sarita says matches are made in heaven and they smile. She hugs Maithili. She thanks them. Jagat welcomes them. They hear Akash and Anjali’s summit to mount everest, and Akash’s aim to do summit was to make documentary on Arjun, but Arjun could not do it, and Akash became a big part of it. They show Akash’s bits. Shikha Maa is glad seeing him, and he tells about Gaurav. Seema hugs Shikha and they smile as Akash dedicates this to Gaurav.

Akash and Anjali move towards the peak.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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