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The Episode starts with Akash coming to know about someone cutting Anjali’s harness. He asks his Nirmal and asks for name. Nirmal signs him to black horses. Kabir asks does Abhiyankar knows, why did he not do anything, how can he leave them. Anjali comes and asks is everything fine. Akash gets angry and starts a fight with Kabir. He asks can he risk anyone’s life for marks. Yuhaan says they were just scaring her. Akash asks how can they do this. Anjali hears and gets angry. Kabir denies everything and asks for proof against him. Both the teams start fighting. Kabir pushes Anjali and Akash gets more angry. Awasthi comes and asks whats all this. Siraj says they have cut Anjali’s harness. Yuhaan says they also cheated. Awasthi asks both team leaders to come in front.

He asks is this leadership

to not stop the teams from fighting. He asks reason of fight. She says we came to know their team has ruined my harness, and my team was angry. She says they have started fight and this happened. Vijay says you all knew this right. Awasthi says Abhiyankar has spoke to Kabir about this. He warns them not to repeat this, and behave like humans and not wild animals. He says he will keep an eye on black horses and their small mistake can become last one. He says they can leave NIM if they have any objection, and no one will get dinner today. Rana tells 6am reporting time and dismisses them.

Rana tells Awasthi that they have to talk to Colonel Abhiyankar. Anjali sees Akash. Akash goes to them and says anything would have happened to Anjali and would have died. Awastji says he knows whats the punishment for this. Akash asks whats Kabir doing here till now. Awasthi says he knew who was responsible for Raman. Anjali sees Akash’s concern and smiles. Vijay tells Vicky that they won’t get dinner today. Vicky says what happened now. Its night, Siraj says he is very hungry. Arjun says its first lesson of survival, mind your own body. He says imagine you have ate much food and it works. Vicky does such imagination and names the dishes. Siraj shuts his mouth and says he is already hungry, just don’t name it.

Akash says sorry, this happened because of me, but when he came to know about Kabir cutting Anjali;s harness, he got mad. Arjun says yes, it had to happen. Siraj says he was also angry. Anjali says no use to fight. Akash says he is feeling bad that team is hungry. Arjun says even me, when I m not in your team. Anjali says its good, if two were punished, I would have not eaten food. She thanks Akash for fighting with them for her. Raman jokes that its hot as he sits in between them. Awasthi and Rana give new task to the teams to use the maps and reach the point. He asks them to study map carefully and then take over the journey. Raman calculates the distance. Awasthi asks them to calculate the time and teams will tell them, submit the plan and then they can’t change it.

He says you will be judges on this basis. Anjali tells her plan. Kabir laughs on her plan. Awasthi asks him what is his plan. He asks him to be in mountain rockers if he is so focused on them, does he want to get transferred. Akash says 3hours 20mins. Kabir says just 3 hours. Rana says you will stay in your camps and leave at 4am and return at 7am, both teams will be given first aid kit. Awasthi says they will get extra points. Kabir asks how will they know. Awasthi says there will be someone, and calls Arjun. Vicky asks can they have food today. Awasthi says its survival and not picnoc. He asks them to use all lectures and they will be given just one packet of biscuit, they will find their food. Nikia says they did not have food yesterday. Rana asks is this our mistake and asks them to withdraw. He asks Arjun to go with any team. Arjun says he is fine alone, he will take power nap till they reach there. Awasthi says you all are alone for 24 hours, please don’t kill each other, best of luck. Arjun is given a map as well.

The black horses shows thumbs down to Anjali. Kabir hurries with the team. Yuhaan says lets wait for them. Kabir says yes, lets take them on our back. Nirmal and Rana tell Awasthi about Abhiyankar’s wrong decision. Awasthi says he can’t be wrong, his way can be wrong, but intention is always right. Black horses follow the map and mountain rockers too get through half way. Kabir guides his team. Mountain rockers and black horses see the flag. He sees mountain rockers near the flag and runs. Anjali sees black horses and the team rushes.

Both the teams try to get the flag. Yuhaan gets hurt. Anjali and Akash stop to help him. Arun asks them to run and use mind. Anjali asks if this happens with him in everest expedition. Arjun feels guilty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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