Everest 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anjali saying her hand is slipping. Akash asks her to hold his hand tight. Sam tries contacting them. Ramesh comes and asks whats the status and how serious it is. Sam says its serious. Ramesh contacts Abhiyankar and asks is this serious, I want to know, maybe they can contact us later. Abhiyankar says I don’t do guess work, but I feel something is wrong. Anjali calls Akash asking him not to leave her hand. Akash recalls Gaurav’s death and loses his senses. He imagines Gaurav instead Anjali. He says I can’t save you. He hears Gaurav asking him to pull him up, as his hand is slipping. He pulls Gaurav up by all his strength. Gaurav says now let me go, you can do it, now Anjali need you. He smiles and disappears. Anjali shouts Akash.

Akash gets Anjali up and they take

a sigh of relief. She cries. He says nothing will happen to you, I can’t lose you whatever happens. He hugs her. Shikha Maa thinks about Akash. Seema asks her to have something, else she will get ill. Shikha talks to Lord and says you called my Gaurav and I did not blame you, and accepted fate. She says but now, I will not bear to lose Akash and I will lose trust on you if anything happens to him. She says if you want my devotion, then save my son. She cries.

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Akash and Anjali see Chand and cry. Akash pacifies her and says Chand would have died at Everest by his wish, let him go, and even Gaurav wanted to go and I was not leaving his hand, now he has gone. She says we can tell him bye by bringing him here. He says I will get him, wait here. He says our oxygen levels are less and Chand has the cylinders, I will get it. She says no, just get Chand, not the cylinders, I won’t go ahead leaving him here. Akash says we need oxygen to go back too. She says I will come along. He says no, you can’t go, stay here. She says I m fine.

She says she will also help him and they go to bring Chand up. She cries seeing him. Akash says relax, I will get him, and takes her rope. Sam tries contacting Akash. They all get worried for the team. Rina says I know this is tough time for everyone. She says I m sorry, I want to give live report on this. She says I want people to know what mission everest is not a physical achievement, but its test of heart, mind, emotions and everything. Ramesh says go ahead. Rina gives the live report. Sarita gets a call and says yes Maithili, I will see tv. Rina says the team is not in contact and names Chand, Anjali and Akash. Sarita and Jagat get worried. Shikha Maa too worries for Akash seeing the news. Akash and Anjali get Chand and Akash asks him to get up. He says we have to leave him here. They cry.

Anjali asks what happiness will we get by doing summit. Akash says we will make their dreams true who failed to do the summit.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think something will happen to akash … Only anjali will summitt

  2. Omg .. Akash safe

  3. Omg .. Akash safe. its good news

  4. thankz for the update.

  5. Nothing wil happen to akash!
    I knw they wil complete d mission everest n return back safely without the sarpech!
    An awsome serial!
    I luv this show alot!
    3 more episodes to go!
    I wil miss d whole team of everest!

  6. I agree with natasha!
    I knw nothing wil happen to akash!
    3 mre days n then a useless serial wil take its place!
    I have watchd everest frm its 1st epi n i feel so gud!

  7. I have watchd the whole series on tv n on d net!never misd its epi

  8. Nw we wil mis it fr whole lyf!
    I m glad to watch such a nyc serial in my lyf!

  9. Me too!
    Best serial of my life!
    I loved the whole series!
    Hats off to d whole team of everest including al d people for making an epic serial!!
    Hope my wishes reaches u!

  10. Miss u Chand :((

  11. Love u everest!

  12. Shivali n shipa please comment!
    Everest rocks!

  13. East or west
    everest is d best!
    Wil mis it alot!

  14. Hi Natasha and mehak . I am so so sad . The serial is ending and I cannot see Arjun again . I will really miss the serial everest .

  15. Shipa even i wil mis akash n anjali

  16. Its a nice serial.never missed any episode.sad that it comes to an end so soon.shocked by chand’s death 🙁
    Really going to miss Anjali Akash arjun n chand.

  17. awesome serial EVEREST……i really lov itt…gonna miss ittt…….anjali rockssss

  18. Best serial ever so sad it ending but dey r save dats good news

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