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The Episode starts with the black horses getting the ropes in their bags. Siraj claps and takes the ropes. Kabir rages and leaves as Siraj gives the shoe laces to them. Rana and Awasthi tell about the climbing wall, real one and everyone will show the practical application, with two forms, hard climb and speed climb. Rana tells Arjun this will benefit him. Awasthi tells about many type of ground on mountains and have to apply different techniques, as there is high risk of accidents in mountaineering. He says we have to see health and weather conditions. Rana says two members from each team will climb together. Anjali walks to front and Kabir signs Pari to go. Anjali apologizes to Pari as she came to know what happened with them in morning.

Rana asks them to see the rock face and everyone climbing

height will be noted, the team who reached more height will win, and they have to bring yellow belt down to get extra points. Awasthi says the harness is to support you, use it when you need it. They ask everyone to wear the harnesses. Kabir gets an idea. Anjali and Pari start climbing the rock face mountain. The teams cheer for them. Kabir signs Pari to just cut it. Anjali gets higher and everyone clap for her. Anjali falls on the ground and the harness does not work. She directly falls on the ground. Akash shouts Anjali and everyone is shocked. Anjali falls unconscious. Gopal gets the first air box. Akash puts water on her face. Anjali gets conscious.

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Akash asks is she fine. Awasthi checks Anjali and asks her to move her hands and legs slowly, asking is it paining. Anjali says she has pain her head. He makes her get up. He says you have good fate that your head did not hit any stone, you will get fine in few days, show to Dr Sharma in NIM. She asks Girish to take Anjali. She says she will go in evening and she is fine. Awasthi asks her to have medicine and sit there. Akash takes her. Anjali says sorry. Awasthi says brave girl. Akash and Arjun get water for her. Anjali takes it from Akash. Arjun leaves. She takes the medicines. She asks who is he and scares Akash. She laughs saying she is fine.

Awasthi asks Girish to keep Anjali’s rope and harness apart to check at NIM. Pari comes and gives the yellow belt. Awasthi says it will be just training, no marks will be given. Pari tells Kabir that we did a lot today. Kabir says we just did this to get equal. Arjun tells Nikita that he was wrong about Anjali, as she is also a drama queen, and did this to get attention. He says she is special as she does not act. He ass why does girls want to be like boys. Vicky says she is really hurt. Arjun says mountaineering is not a joke, wounds happen, her plan is to climb Everest and she fell on rocks.

The entire batch and instructors arrive back at NIM. Gopal asks the wounded students to meet the doctor. He asks Anjali to obey Awasthi’s orders and meet Dr Sharma. Akash says he is going with her and takes her bag. She looks at him seeing his friendly bond turn strong. She blushes seeing him. Dr. Sharma checks Anjali’s head and forgets the sister’s name. He is a funny character. He calls Anjali as Anita. He says she is very strong and lucky to not get wound after falling from such height. He asks how did she fall. She says I slipped. He says maybe harness was damaged.

Abhiyankar talks to Rana and Awasthi about Anjali’s harness. Awasthi says everything was checked, the rope was cut. Abhiyankar says you mean it was not an accident. Awasthi says someone did this intentionally, I m sure Kabir and his gang did this. Abhiyankar says I agree they are competitive and will cheat, but they can’t put them in danger. Rana says you know what they did with Raman, the batch training is going wrong, I suggest we should kick them out of NIM. Abhiyankar says I will meet them. Rana asks why, you fired Akash in Raman’s case. Abhiyankar says I did it to make Raman realize his mistake of naming Akash. Awasthi says we should not give them another chance. Abhiyankar says I will decide after meeting them.

Abhiyankar meets the batches and says he is happy they all are safe, and they learnt trekking and climbing techniques in three days and says next two days training. Nikita asks what clothes to pack. He says we will come back and party. He stops Kabir and asks him about Anjali’s harness cut off. Kabir says Anjali fell off as her focus is somewhere else. Abhiyankar says her harness rope was cut. Kabir says he can’t tell anything without proof. Abhiyankar gets angry and says dismiss.

Its morning, Anjali wakes up and sees Jagat’s pic. Ruth comes and asks will she come to have food in hindi. Anjali asks her to go as she is not hungry. Ruth says food is bad and shows good sign. Anjali laughs and says you mean its very good. Yuhaan gets worried and tells Kabir if Anjali got seriously hurt, then what, Colonel Abhiyankar, if he knows we did this then…. Kabir says how will he know, he does not have any proof, he was just guessing. Yuhaan asks does he doubt on us, what id he kicks us from NIM. Kabir says how can he. Yuhaan says my dad will kill me if my complain goes. Kabir asks him to shut up, as he was not killing Anjali, and he felt Anjali will be scared and come down, and they will get good marks. He says they took our shoe laces and I did this, whats wrong. Pari looks on.

Arjun tells Akash to tell Anjali to meet her. Akash says she is resting in her room. Arjun and Akash get into a fight and Abhiyankar scolds her. Anjali asks Arjun is everything fine. Arjun argues with Akash and Anjali asks Akash what is the meaning of all this.

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