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The Episode starts with Akash talking to Ramesh and recalling about Arjun’s words to think well before agreeing to Ramesh’s demands. He tells Ramesh that he will not bring the sarpech. Rina talks to Ramesh and says we want a cover story on you. Ramesh asks why. Rina says since mission everest started, the stocks of century corps are going up, you are called a pioneer in business world, a man with a great vision, who promoted company with a unique way.

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Maithili comes to meet Sarita. Sarita makes tea and they talk about Anjali. Sarita says I wish Anjali comes back safe. She says she prayed a lot for Anjali. Maithili

says live telecast will start on Bn tv about Anjali’s expedition. Sarita says yes, I will be seeing it with Jagat. She says I will come later and avoids Vidhaan’s topic.

Chand asks Anjali and Akash to come ahead and not look down in the depth. Anjali asks Akash is he feeling better, and Akash gets a bit slow. Chand asks them to look forward and keep walking without any stop. Akash falls and Anjali shouts. He looks down and gets tensed. Anjali asks him to walk towards her. She holds his hand. Chand asks them are they fine and asks them to walk with him.

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Ramesh is glad as Sid shows him how people are commenting on him to be a good business pioneer. He reads out that many are saying Akash and Anjali’s love story, and he is going summit for her sake. Ramesh is shocked. Ramesh contacts Akash and says you are right, the sarpech should be on everest, let it be there. Akash thanks him. Ramesh says he has taken the decision, that its waste to take this mission everest ahead, its over, tell Chand to come back.

Akash says how can you cancel it. Ramesh says its my decision, and say sorry to Anjali, her dream will be in complete, I feel sorry for her. Akash sees Anjali’s happiness and says I will get the sarpech. Ramesh gets happy. Akash asks Chand about Colonel. Chand says he is fine, he will reach camp 4 in few hours. Akash says Ramesh is glad we are close. They start moving ahead again.

Rina talks to Ramesh. Ramesh smiles and says people get fooled in love. She asks did Akash agree to get the sarpech. He says yes, he can’t win over me. Sam sees them arguing. Ramesh says Doing good is easy, to not do wrong is very tough, he leaves and Sam says I don’t understand his words sometimes.

Chand falls by the storm.

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  3. Chand falls means????

  4. means he falls down the mountains but sure nothng would happen 2 him

  5. It will be a v bad story move to kill chand
    but hindi serials r stupid hope everest is not like the others

  6. I Think chand Will die Then anjali and akash Will summit alone so they Will become heroes or what we Can say

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