Everest 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Anjali and Abhiyankar jogging. She asks about the moment to stand on Mount Everest. Abhiyankar says you talk with sight on target. He says the way will look burden if you think about peak. She says she just thinks about everest. He asks her to enjoy the way. Anjali talks to Gopal ji and goes to make a call. Akash calls Shikha Maa. He tells her that he went high to 40 feet. She is surprised. Akash tells about Anjali that the point is he went 40 feet. She asks did Anjali say this. Akash says yes she is amazing girl. She starts laughing. Anjali goes to phone cabin and calls her friend Maithili. Maithili asks did she get any smart student. Anjali tells Abhiyankar called her talented and proud of me. Maithili says she knew it and calls her superstar. Anjali wishes to fulfill Everest

dream. She asks about her family situation and she feels guilty to lie to Papa.

Abhiyankar tells fundamental rules in theory class. He tells about passion of covering the journey. He says we need courage to overcome weakness. He says team spirit rule as they should not get friendly with mountains but with teams. He says no one should be traitor and stay united. He says the real training starts today. He asks them to show team efforts. They all leave for trekking. Arjun compliments Anjali for her climbing skills as Abhiyankar also feels the same. Anjali thanks him. Arjun says he will guide her and give expert tips. Anjali asks really. Arjun says he will use his experience. He says we both are same from within, talented, ambitious.

Nikki slips and Akash holds her from falling down. She thanks and hugs Akash. Akash says she would have killed trees by falling so he has saved trees. The group goes ahead and Anjali hangs around with Arjun. She sees Akash and Nikki going along. They join the group. Akash asks Arjun to give snips on background. Arjun continues commending Anjali. He asks her first summit after NIM. She says she wants to go everest. Arjun asks how can she go directly and tells his profile. Abhiyankar says trying is important with experience hold. He gives some tips. Akash sees Anjali and Arjun going together and goes with Siraj. The black horses observe Anjali and Akash giving smile to each other. Some insects catch a girl Mansi and she screams. Anjali puts some powder and relieves her. Akash asks Anjali how did she know about leaches. Anjali says her dad was in army and she used to stay near jungle. Akash tells about other way to put wine on leaches. Siraj cares for Mansi and she blushes. The girls tease Mansi saying she is in love. Nikita says Mansi likes Siraj. Anjali asks about her and Siraj. Mansi says Siraj does not know what she feels. She says she will tell him some day. Black horses see this.

Abhiyankar tells about confidence and overconfidence difference as between life and death. Anjali argues with some girl. Arjun tells sometimes its good to be bad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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