Everest 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Akash fearing at some height. His group cheers for him. Anjali does climbing well. Akash sees down and recalls Gaurav’s death. He sweats. Abhiyankar asks him to put his hadn on another hold. He says you can’t stop. Everyone ask Akash to do it. Abhiyankar asks him to come down by moving hand from hold. He says rope will get you wall. He says he frozen by fear and will hit wall. Anjali asks Akash to look at her and goes to him.

Abhiyankar asks them to prepare landing bags. Arjun asks Akash his problem. Anjali asks Akash to move hands from hold. Akash looks down. Anjali asks him to see her and keep seeing her. Anjali says rope will take you down. Akash moves hand from hold. Anjali says now leave your right hand. Akash leaves hands and comes down. Anjali too comes down

by ropes. Abhiyankar says he was frozen by fear, it happens. He tells them this can happen with anyone and team leader role is important. He says we have seen this qualities in Anjali. He says he s proud of Anjali for showing good leadership skills. Abhiyankar ends training and gives tomorrow call time at 9.

Akash comes to hostel room and is scared. Anjali looks for Akash. She asks Siraj about him. She goes to meet Akash. She asks how is he now. He says he did not say thanks. She says you were in problem so I had to do this as we are friends. He says he is lucky to have her as friend. He says he is not fine and asks why is he here. He says he was mad to make things fine but can’t happen. She asks him what happened. He says he has acrophobia and vertigo. He explains her the complications. He says I freeze about 10 feet ground. He says his fear is his weakness.

He says he has to go with Arjun, the best mountaineer. Anjali says life has given him chance to win over fear. She asks him to change point of view as he won over 40 feet, then everest is the limit. She says one step one day. Akash calls her smart. She takes him to have food at dining hall. Siraj and other guys are happy seeing Akash. Yuhaan imitates Akash and black horses make fun of him. Arjun looks worried. The batch sees Mount Everest video. Arjun asks Akash why did he freeze on climbing wall. Akash says I know but it can happen with anyone. Arjun says he can’t take rish with his mission. Akash promises there won’t be risk. Arjun says he can’t believe it. Akash asks him to believe Colonel Abhiyankar. Arjun asks what is he hiding. Akash says it won’t happen again.

He says he was highest climber today. Arjun says he will observe him daily and if he doubts then he is out of mission everest. Akash promises mission everest won’t fail because of him. Arjun goes. Anjali finds Akash worried again. The group is happy that black horses are not here. Siraj says he is mountain fan. He tells about making rescue team for disaster management. Vijay says its calling by heart. Everyone tell about their dreams and why then came to NIM. Raman says he made racing game. He says he is here to get detailing on mountaineering game. Vicky tells his family wants him to do this. They ask Anjali her story. Anjali says she wants to go Mount Everest and smiles.

Akash and Anjali talk on phone to respective families. Abhiyankar tells about team being best friend. Everyone leave for task. Akash saves a girl and Anjali finds them hugging.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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