Everest 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar saying Chand got me here, but they did not get Tara. He says we searched for her, but did not know where she went. In FB, Abhiyankar tells Chand that Tara went from here, I could not see her, go and find her. Chand looks for her. Chand says he did not get her. He says its getting dark and oxygen is ending. Abhiyankar says I lost her, she was here and left me, Everest has snatched her from me. Chand says lets go camp 4, we will come back in morning. Abhiyankar says I should have not left her, I gave up and did not get her.

Chand says no, she had to go. Abhiyankar says why did I gave up. Chand says lets proceed now, else it will be late. Abhiyankar is not able to get up and screams in pain. He says she is here, she is waiting for me, I will not give up, I will

find her. Chand says but… Abhiyankar says don’t you care, she regarded you her son. Chand says I really wished every day that I slept on Everest forever instead her, I became orphan that day, even you left me, and you say I don’t care.

Anjali says don’t feel bad of his words, he does not know what is he saying. Chand says we can’t go ahead, I will leave Colonel back. Abhiyankar says no, I will find her, she is waiting. Dr. Balan says I was at base camp when Colonel returned, nothing is worse than seeing a loved one dying. Sam says I did not think he will come back to Everest ever, will he be able to do this mission or not, can’t say. Ramesh asks what does that mean. Sam says his wife’s death was at south summit, and her body was not found till now, he has gone there and anything can happen.

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Abhiyankar sees some ice rack and says Tara can be here, check it. Chand starts digging with his hands and pulls out the ice. He is shocked and shouts Colonel. They see Tara lying inside the ice slab. Chand cries seeing her. Abhiyankar gets lost in her stare and recalls her words that its her dream to stand at Everest peak with him. He cries thinking about her.

Ramesh asks why did they hide about Colonel’s wife death at everest, why did they not tell him. Sam says its his personal matter. Ramesh says its not personal matter if it can affect my mission. Rina says you are great man, you fall more low every day, a man could not see his wife’s last moment and do last rites, and you are concerned about mission. Ramesh says I have spent crores in this, make me talk to Colonel right now.

Abhiyankar hugs Chand and they cry. Chand says he felt one day his bad dream will end and Tara will come back, but now she can never come, why did she do this madness. Abhiyankar says no, it was her love, I used to hate ginger tea and I m drinking it since 5 years. I did not make any changes after she left, to make her stay alive. He says I wished she came back, she also knew this, so she called us here.

Abhiyankar consoles Chand. Akash and Anjali look on. Abhiyankar says now we can’t stop her, she can’t stay in peace. Chand says no one loved me this much till now, she was more than mother for me, I can never forget her. Anjali and Akash cry and see Tara. Ramesh contacts Abhiyankar. Abhiyankar says we reached south summit. Ramesh says all the best. Abhiyankar says the change in plan, I will talk to my team and say. Ramesh says what changes.

Ramesh asks Akash to get the sarpech for him, this is his real mission. Akash is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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