Everest 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anjali saying its bad to see someone dead there. Akash asks her to come. Chand says its very painful to take last breath here in everest, but he will be happy, even I tell everest to call me some day like this. He says now lets go ahead. Abhiyankar says sorry, you got left out here far from loved ones, no one reached to save you in time. They get an oxygen cylinder and take it.

Rina brings coffee for Sam. Sam says you said well about everest and Arjun. She asks till where did he reach. Sam says we will reach soon. She asks what about others. He says they will reach south east in one hour. She asks will they do summit safely. Sam says time and oxygen is here, they are going ahead by their courage and hope. Abhiyankar gets the pain. Tara appears and says you came so late.

He says I came here Tara, and searched for you a lot, believe me, I called your name in every corner, but I did not find you, where did you go.

Tara says I m here since that time. He says no, its not you. She says I m here. He forwards his hand and she disappears. He says Tara and cries. Chand consoles him. Abhiyankar says we lost her at this point, where did she go. Akash asks what happened to him. Chand says we should go ahead. Abhiyankar says find her. Chand says look at me Colonel, you are injured and you are getting hallucinated. He says Tara is not here. Anjali asks will he get fine.

Lisa says I really hope Abhiyankar is fine. Sam says even I was thinking the same. Rina asks why, is he much hurt. Sam says Colonel’s wife died 5 years ago. Rina says I heard she was a mountaineer, and died, I did not know she died on Everest. The FB shows Abhiyankar and Tara doing the summit. She says you lie to me that you love the most, you love the everest more. He laughs and says so I got you here to share my love, now I have given it to you. She says don’t say this, everest will be jealous.

He laughs and says I think it will be windy now, we should go ahead soon. She says where did Chand go. He says he is fine, lets go. Abhiyankar says no, nothing is fine now, everything got ruined. Chand says Akash, get him. FB shows Abhiyankar and Tara going ahead and he asks her not to leave his hand as its very windy. She asks where are we going. He says I m with you. She says leave my hand, who are you, why are you holding my hand. Abhiyankar says the wind is slapping my face, but all pain is gone, I just see her face now.

Tara says leave me, I won’t come with you. He says get up, come with me. Abhiyankar says it hallucinated her, and says he is her husband. She says I have to go to my husband and leaves alone by pushing him. Abhiyankar looks for Tara. In FB, he gets her walkie and looks for her. He says this is the place where I fell. He says you got me here right. Chand nods.

Sam says they did not get Tara’s body till now. Chand digs up the ice and sees Tara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Hi anjali. everest pe anjali aur akash jarahin hain. aur arjun camp 4 pe laut gayi.

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  11. guys akash to sirf anjali kiliyeh summit karaha hain aur agar force kare toh karna to paregahi. m i r8?

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  17. Akash tum vi funny aur ache hoh. vese col. abhiyankar aur tara bohot bura lagrahi hain

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  19. Feb 28 is the last day of everest… From march 2nd new serial is coming

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