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The episode starts with black horses bullying Raman. Akash asks Vicky how did he slept for long and jokes to cheer up Raman. Vicky says he can’t compromise in sleep. Akash says Anjali will beat us if our team loses. Aman tells he needs training and he came here to help people. He says our country is beautiful and I want everyone to see it. Siraj says yes. Gopal asks them to meet in climbing wall hall in half an hour. Abhiyankar shows them the climbing wall and asks Arjun to demonstrate. Arjun asks Aksh to get cameras. Akash starts shooting. Everyone clap for Arjun. Arjun comes down by the ropes. Anjali leaves being upset. Akash sees her going. He goes to her and asks all good? She says she love challenges but what they are doing is tactics, I don’t want to get into this.

She says I came to

focus on training and she will tell Abhiyankar that she does not want to become team leader. Akash calls her the best and all others jokers. She smiles. They have a talk about hostel and he thinks her dad pampered a lot. She says I wish. Arjun asks Akash why did he not shoot him coming down. Akash says we will get many chances. Arjun asks him to focus as nothing is important than this. Vicky comes to Akash and something happened to Raman, come fast. Kabir hears them. Akash says I will go and see and gives camera to Anjali. Akash takes Siraj along.

Vicky tells about Raman being locked in room and getting short of breath. Anjali asks Pari what did she do with Raman. Raman is tied and lying on the floor. Arjun asks Kabir to tell what happened. Yuvraan says we have just tied his hands and locked in room. Kabir asks why do you care. Arjun says you think this is a joke. Kabir asks is he woman. Anjali says he has asthma and can get attack. Pari says its his mistake. Arjun asks for keys. He asks Kabir to give the keys. Akash tells Raman not to panic as they have come. Arjun says give me keys.

Arjun gets the keys and the asthma pump. Anjali says they all are animals and leaves. Arjun rushes to save Raman. Akash says the door is not opening, we have to break it. Vicky says lets call anyone. Akaash says Raman can die, we don’t have time. Akash and Siraj try to break the door. They break the door and open the cloth from his mouth. They open his foot and look for his inhaler. Akash asks Raman to breath and sprinkles water on him. Arjun comes and gives the inhaler pump.

Raman is treated by doctor in clinic. Akash, Anjali and Siraj meet him. Raman says he has to leave NIM. Akash says yes, they want to same to break you. Raman says I m fully broken. Anjali asks him not to let dream breaks. Akash asks him to get fine. The doctor says he will be discharged soon. Abhiyankar scolds Akash for Raman’s state and is mistaken. He says he got admission because of Arjun, it does not mean he makes rules as jokes. Akash tells Anjali and Siraj that Raman has taken my name, he said I have locked him there. Anjali says I will talk to Abhiyankar. Akash says no need, Raman is scared.

Akash says Abhiyankar has made me leave NIM, it does not matter. They come to the group. Arjun plays basketball and asks about Raman. Akash says he is fine. Arjun says its good Akash and Siraj broke the door. The black horses come there and take the ball. Arjun taunts Kabir and Kabir challenges Arjun. Akash takes the ball and faces Kabir. He says he has a condition. Kabir smiles asking what is his last wish. Akash says if I win, Raman will come in mountain rockers team. Pari says we will give him for free. The match starts between Kabir and Akash. Everyone cheer for them. Akash wins the game.

Siraj and Akash talk to Raman. Akash tells Anjali about black horses and jokes on them. Akash is scared of heights. Arjun says this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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