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The episode starts with Siraj talking to Vijay. Vijay says he is an army commando and came to take traing for sea hawks. Kabir bullies Raman and Siraj and Akash tackle him. Kabir gets into an argument. Arjun looks on. The fight starts between them and Arjun simply smiles. Girish and Gopal come and stop them. Pari says why did you take just Kabir, even Akash and Siraj were fighting. They leave. Arjun claps and says wow, a special show with training. He forgives Akash. Pari tells Anjali and Akash that she will make them remember their grandmum next time and leaves with black horses members.

The black horse member Pari locks mountain rockers doors and leaves. Anjali, Akash, Siraj and everyone else try to go out and does not get the door open, as she has locked it from outside. Anjali tells Akash

about the door locked and how can it be done for all rooms. She sees outs and sees Pari signing she did it. She says we are going to be punished today. They all come out by the window and go down to the training ground.

Abhiyankar waits for them and sees them coming. Kabir and Pari look at them. Anjali leads the group. Pari is shocked. Abhiyankar says on time and greets them. He says you all will learn mountaineering steps and its important, do your best. Vicky joins late and gets punishment of 40 pushups. Everyone go ahead and Vicky starts doing pushups. He says he was sleeping and got late. Akash and Siraj leave with the batch. They go to have breakfast and Raman is bullied again.

Akash and Siraj get angry seeing this. Kabir and Pari start a fight again with Anjali this time, asking her to be cool. Arjun tells Nikita that they can go to any extent to win. Anjali says we are ready to win evil by goodness. Arjun laughs and asks is she from kids fairytale. He says war has to be for war, not just defense. He says make them fail in their game. Anjali says no, what will the difference between us and then, we will win by out hardwork and talent. Akash says she is right. Arjun says great, tell me if you guys need me. Anjali looks at Pari who shows thumbs down to her.

Abhiyankar sees everyone’s progress in the first task of rope climbing. Later on, Awasthi takes the lecture class where black horses are time passing and not attentive. Anjali learns well. Awasthi asks Akash to demonstrate. He asks him to choose anyone to volunteer. Akash chooses Yuhaan. He starts tying him the knot and everyone laugh as Akash ties it hard. The black horses get angry. Awasthi says well done Akash. He says then attach it to the string and asks Akash to demonstrate. Raman and Anjali sign well done.

Raman asks Akash and Siraj can he join him. Akash says sure. Raman tells about black horses bullying him and he decided to leave NIM. Akash says are you mad to leave NIM for them, we are here for you. Raman says I can’t fight them, I will come later if its in fate. Kabir says Raman might have complained about us and will go to Abhiyankar crying, we have to do something.

Black horses bully Raman. Anjali tells Akash that she is not afraid of challenges. Akash is tensed of heights. Raman is bullied a lot and Akash goes to confront Kabir. Raman is tied and left in darkness by Kabir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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