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The Episode starts with Arjun saying he has seen death and now he won’t go on summit. Ramesh says this Arjun can never step on any mountain, I will end your career if you don’t do this summit. Arjun says do whatever you want, I m fine. Rina cries sitting alone near her tent. Sid comes whistling and sees her crying. She wipes her tears. He asks her the update. She smiles and Sid says your eyes look red. She puts some eye drops. He asks shall we do this later. She says I m fine, and records the updates of news bits.

She says Arjun is found by rescue team, he was stuck under ice and his breath stopped, this show how tough it is. Ramesh comes to her and asks did Arjun tell you anything. She says no. He says I heard he got normal after talking to you. She says he is very strong. He says the truth

is you did this and I want you to support him in his decision, tell him to do the summit today itself. She cries. He says he is not asking for favor, he is giving her a work, she is young and ambitious and he is sure she wants to go high in career.

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She asks what if he does not go. He says then I can write story of ruining Arjun, its very easy, if I open his past door, everything will be ruined. He says he has to do summit, otherwise I will make sure his criminal record comes in tomorrow’s front page news. He asks her to explain him well. Abhiyankar says the storm stopped, it will be morning in sometime, Arjun is your decision sure. Arjun says yes Sir, I fell on my back and I could not see land and sky, it was just ice around me, I was finding breathing tough, like Everest is pulling me inside, and I felt Everest is laughing on me and then I fainted.

He says he understood he is not equal to a small bit, he does not want to do mountaineering, he has to understand the mountains and make them friends. He says I want to become like you, Chand and Nasir, I will come here later to do summit. Abhiyankar says we will go back when Akash comes. Arjun asks why, we are very close. Abhiyankar says this is your mission, Ramesh funded you, we are just your team. We can’t summit till he gives us permission. Arjun says but Anjali and you deserve to do this summit.

Abhiyankar says I know this will be unjust with Anjali, but I can’t cheat Ramesh Roongta, its highly unethical, I m sorry Anjali. Arjun apologizes to Anjali and says I would have come for your sake, but I can’t. Anjali says its fine, don’t say sorry, what you are doing is right, I did not think my dream will come true. She asks him to talk to Rina. He says I know she won’t talk to me. She says you know Rina spoke to you and you got conscious, when all our efforts failed. He says it was not dream. She says it was better than dream right. He says yes and contacts Rina.

Rina asks him how is he. He says I m fine. She says I heard you are not doing summit. Ramesh says tell him to do it. Arjun says right, I m not coming that I can’t do the summit, I can still do it. He says I don’t want to do it, I know everyone will call me coward, I don’t care, you know me well. He says I know you love me and I want your respect, I want to earn your love. She says I understand, I trust you, what you are doing is right, don’t be afraid of anyone, come back Arjun. She says I m with you always. Arjun thanks her. Ramesh claps and says what a sweet love story, thanks Rina Tyagi, mission Everest is now cancelled.

Anjali gets glad seeing Akash. Akash hugs Anjali and asks is she fine. She says yes. Akash scolds Arjun and hugs him, while everyone laugh.

Abhiyankar says without Arjun, no missing Everest, we are going back. Akash sees Anjali and she smiles hiding her pain. Akash asks Arjun is this his last decision. Arjun says sorry, I did not wish to break Anjali’s dream, I did not have any friends, I think you and Anjali are my friends. Anjali nods. Arjun says I don’t want to do summit, else it will be that which I want to change. Akash says its ok, don’t worry. Akash sees Anjali sad and says I want to talk to Sam. Sam comes to Ramesh and says I know how you are feeling now. Ramesh says I don’t think so.

He says six months, I have invested my life, my money. Sam says but you got publicity. Ramesh says I promised my investors, the company will be ruined. Sam says maybe there is a solution.

Anjali says my summit will be victory of all girl, it will be proof that girls are not less than guys in any way.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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