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The Episode starts with Shikha talking to Seema and saying she is worried for Akash. She says I know you hate him, but I always regarded him my son, you blame him for Gaurav’s death, no one’s life is written in someone’s hand, its all fate. Seema says but Akash.. Shikha says Akash went Everest for me, he gets tense seeing down from window, he went to highest peak, he risked his life for me, would he not risk his life for Gaurav. She says don’t curse him and cries. She says I don’t know he will come back alive or not. She says I lost a son and I can’t lose the second one.

Akash walks with the oxygen cylinders. Sam says Anjali wants to talk to Rina and makes them talk. Rina asks is Arjun fine. Anjali says you need to talk to Rina, he is not fine, he is not responding anyone, maybe he

responds hearing someone he loves. Rina says take phone near Arjun. Rina asks Arjun can he hear her, she has to tell something, maybe she should have told him earlier, stop running from your identity, you are not insensitive and egoistic, you are not such, you are innocent and afraid, I know that Arjun whose friends cheated him, people rejected. Everyone hear this.

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Rina says he did wrong by not obeying colonel and risking everyone’s life, he did this as he can’t stop, he always run as he is afraid that past can pull him back, and his image can break. She says no need to run and win, as that Arjun was happy, he had love and this Arjun does not know happiness and love, he forgot its meaning, I m saying all this as I stayed without you for 5 years and I was just alive, and since you came back in my life, I started living, you are very stubborn, please come back. She cries.

Arjun hears her and recalls his childhood at orphanage, and his love life with Rina. Anjali takes the phone and Arjun holds it tight. They all smile and Anjali asks his name. Arjun says Arjun…..Abhiyankar asks whats my name. Arjun says Abhiyankar. They all laugh. Abhiyankar says its enough, why is my name so tough, welcome back young man. Sam tells Ramesh that Arjun is fine. Ramesh asks will be able to do summit. Sam says I know you invested a lot, but Everest is not running anyone, you can do it next year too. Sam says about cerebral anemia and Arjun would have died, its about his life and nothing is imp than it, Colonel taught me.

Abhiyankar asks Arjun to use oxygen mask, he needs it. Arjun apologizes to him. Abhiyankar says its not first time, but I hope its last time. Arjun says yes sir and hugs him. He thanks and hugs everyone. Anjali says you are very strong Arjun, now Everest is waiting for us. Arjun says I want to talk to Ramesh. He says he is much better than before. Ramesh says I knew you will be fine, are you ready to go Everest. Arjun says I won’t do Everest summit and shocks everyone.

Ramesh says what did you say, is this any kind of joke. Arjun says no, I m serious, I won’t go ahead. Ramesh talks to Colonel and asks him what happened to Arjun, is he hurt, did his hand or leg break. Abhiyankar says he is fine and fit for summit, its his decision. Ramesh says ask him to change his decision. Abhiyankar says I can’t do anything. Arjun says sorry, I can’t do this. Ramesh scolds him and reminds the contract. Arjun says I know, I can’t go ahead. Ramesh says I understand your state, but now its over, you are one of the best climbers in the world, the team is with you.

Arjun says I also felt this that I m a mountaineer, best one, but its nothing like this, else I would have known top respect the mountains, when I learn respecting mountains, then I will be capable to summit Everest. Ramesh says you have gone mad. Arjun says my mind is running perfect, whatever I did till now is by wrong motive.

Abhiyankar says we won’t summit without Arjun, we are going back. Arjun says I can do summit, but I won’t.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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