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The Episode starts with Kabir bullying Raman. Arjun talks to Nikita and she asks Arjun to be in her team. Arjun flirts with her and says mountain rockers name is good, you have kept it right, being so cool. Anjali says Akash kept the name. Akash says no, Anjali kept it. Arjun says it’s the effect of being with me. The girl says she wants to go jogging with Arjun. Arjun asks her to relax and leaves. He stops and asks where is my shadow. He asks Akash to take the camera and get to work. Akash goes with him. Pari hurts Anjali. Siraj stops her and scolds Pari. Pari starts a fight. Siraj asks her to say sorry to Anjali. Mansi says yes, they even tried to make Anjali not win, but she still won. Pari asks what will you do, will he complain against her.

Anjali says we don’t need to become like them,

those who can’t win by talent cheats. Kabir says she is my GF, if anyone eyes her, I will burn them. Paari says black horses are the best, we will win the scholarship. They leave from the dining hall. Siraj says we can’t let them win. Anjali says yes, mountain rockers will rock and they also join hands. Anjali says soldier is ready. Raman sits alone. Anjali goes to museum. Akash sees her and tells Arjun that he will take some night shots and meet later. Arjun says cool, come to shoot my training with Abhiyankar tomorrow. Akash says yes, I can’t miss it.

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Anjali sees the Everest miniature. Akash comes and clicks her pics. She asks him not to take pic. He says you are so photogenic, I wish to just take pics. He says your smile is beautiful. She says you are flirting with me. He says yes, I m flirting, not with you, with the Anjali seen in my camera. He says I think after I tell, Gaurav used to say I don’t know to talk girls. Anjali says don’t lie, I m sure you flirted with many. He says yes, few, I m not that bad. She says yes, but don’t try with me. She punches him jokingly and says everyone is afraid of me in Jodhpur. He says thank God I stay in Mumbai. They have a talk and he smiles seeing her.

Arjun sees the black horses gang and is irritated. They bully Raman and takes his specs. Arjun says stop it Kabir. Gopal and Girish come to them and show the documentary of the Mount Everest expedition completed by Abhiyankar. They sit to watch it. Abhiyankar says he would like to take his last breath on Everest as it gave a meaning to his life.

Akash tells Siraj that this is not right, they are bullying Raman. Siraj says yes, if we complain, we will trouble him more. Akash says we have to do something for him. Siraj sleeps while Akash keeps on talking, He sees Siraj slept. Its morning, Siraj wakes up Akash. Akash says I missed Arjun’s training session and runs. Everyone wake up at 6am. Awasthi and Rana talk to the teams, and says one our body is the weapon to climb the mountain, now we will have a physical test, count the pushups and the person doing the most will win. They all start doing pushups and count. Everyone get tired and stop. Just few continue to the high number. Even Siraj falls. Kabir also loses. A guy Vijay does the most amounting to 120.

Awasthi says if you all are not fit, the dream will be a dream. They all clap for Vijay. They get to the lecture hall and Rana shows some theory, and shows the thumb knot. He asks them to try making it with the rope. Black horses still bully Raman. Akash does this well and shows Anjali. She fails to do it, and asks how can he do it, I can’t. Akash says simple and straight people can’t do this. She says fine, see now, I will make better knot than you. Arjun climbs up in mock mountaineering and falls. He is brought down. Abhiyankar asks are you ok. Arjun says I m fine, I need more practice, I will do it. Abhiyankar says no, change your old habits, than learning new things, you go out of limit, try to be in limits, you got tired, control yourself and firm your foot.

He says winning passion should be more than failing fear. Arjun asks him to lead the expedition, and why he does not want to go again, when he said he has a relation with Everest and would like to have last breath there. Abhiyankar says lets not do training today, take rest. He leaves without answering Arjun.

Vijay talks to Akash and others. The black horses bully Raman, and a fight starts. Kabir counters Anjali. New tasks and race is shown. Anjali leads the run of Mountain rockers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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