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The Episode starts with the girls feeling cold. Anjali goes to take bath and shouts as its cold water in the shower tap. Gopal and Girish smile seeing everyone shivering with cold. Akash says we did not know we will have cold water in taps. Girish says no heaters and geysers here. Gopal asks them to get together as Colonel Abhiyankar will talk to them. Few bikers come there. Everyone stop and look at them. Gopal asks who are they, how did they get bikes inside, its not inside here. The man says the bike will be where Kabir is there. Gopal asks them to park it outside. The girl says chill, the rules are to break. Kabir says we have paid the fees, we are students, bike will be here. Gopal asks all students to go. He saks park bike outside if you want to take part in course. Kabir gets angry.


says ill mannered people, we will complain about them. Gopal says let the class start, they will be hurt that they won’t be able to sit on bike again. Kabir misbehaves with Gopal and Girish. The bikers group show their attitude and laugh on everyone. Kabir says my name is Kabir, and she is Pari, and she is Sangy (short if Sangeeta), and he is Yuvaan and this one is Rohit, we are five, we are Kaala Ghoda gang. Pari says shut up, its black horses. Girish says if I knew this, I would have kept stable and grass ready. Everyone laugh. Kabir asks Gopal to get his ID and laughs.

Girish looks on angrily. They vacate the seats by bullying others. Kabir puts shoes on Ramana, and he beats his shoes. Kabir laughs. Akash and Siraj joke on them, saying wild horses needs training to walk on mountains. Anjali laughs. Colonel Arun Abhiyankar comes to them and introduces himself. He cracks a joke and welcomes everyone in NIM. He says Awasthi and Rana are your instructors, I m sure whoever is present here have did personalities and background, but same desire, you all are brave and fools. He says you all are fools, as no one can risk their life and show bravery to climb mountains.

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He says standing on the peak and touch the stars and moon, can’t be liked by smart people, and its liked by fools. He says smart feels he is fool, and fool is one who thinks he is smart. He asks them to stay as fools and then become smart. He says mountains will be your best teacher. Everyone clap for him. Arjun comes there. Abhiyankar says I want to welcome a special guest Arjun Sabarwal. He says you have much experience, but you will get something new to learn here. Sangy says Arjun is so hot and smiles. Abhiyankar says this is my last batch of my service in NIM, I want to give 10 lakhs scholarship to the best student of this batch.

He says the best rookie award. Kabir says it goes to Kabir. Abhiyankar says may the best person win. Awasthi says you are getting much imp thing, to learn mountaineering under his guidance. Rana says get ready, you all will report at 7am for training, and those 5 late comers, this look won’t work here. They leave. Arjun says he is always ready and goes with Abhiyankar. The batch is given first task to make a run to Kashi temple and come back after making a round, 4kms and 4kms back to NIM. They start running. Abhiyankar gives personalized training to Arjun and makes him do pushups. Arjun does workout in gym. The batch reaches the temple and takes round back to NIM. Arjun works on climbing techniques.

Abhiyankar says excellent and is impressed by Arjun. Kabir makes Siraj fall by putting a leg. Akash and Anjali hold him. Akash asks Anjali to go ahead. The gang does not give her space to run. She jumps on the mountain side and gets ahead. Kabir ie leading. She looks at him and races his speed. She surpasses Kabir and gets first to enter NIM gate. The gang laughs on others who come late. Kabir makes fun of Ramana. Yuvaan jokes on Ramana. Awasthi says its good you all completed the run, good job. He says Anjali Rawat is on 1st place and Kabir on 2nd. They both are asked to come forward. Rana divides the batch into two teams, and Anjali and Kabir are made captains, having their floor occupants in their team. Ramana gets tensed to go on Kabir’s team.

Rana says we will give marks in every task and will be added to team, when team wins you will get bonus marks, so compete for marks. Pari jokes asking is this school to get marks. Awasthi scolds her, and asks her to tell aloud. Pari says the same. Awasthi says NIM is Asia’s top institute, we train for mountaineering, not circus. They ask Kabir and Anjali to give names to their teams. Kabir says Black horses. Anjali says Mountain Rockers. Awasthi says fine, bets of luck to both the team, may the best team win. He says your wake up time will be 6am, reporting time 7am, then breakfast and then training, the one who gets late will lose marks. The mad gang shows more idiotism to everyone.

Arjun says you are getting into my effect. Kabir says if anyone eyes Pari, I will burn their eyes. Anjali smiles and says Soldier is ready.

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