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The Episode starts with Girish and Gopal greeting the students and tells about training starting tomorrow. Gopal gives ID card to Anjali. Arjun is given VIP treatment. Gopal asks did they all get ID cards. They say yes. Gopal talks in pure hindi, and Girish translates. Akash says why don’t he talk in english. Anjali says she knows hindi as she is from Jodhpur. They divide the batches and takes them. Girish says they are going away from institute way, as students are not allowed to take shortcuts. They see a monkey and laughs. Girish says they are kind, and knows how to climb walls and jump.

Gopal brings the other batch and says about dining hall canteen and the network is not fine here. Girish shows the training wall and it has badminton court, gym etc. Ramana asks about library. Girish says

we have a big library and your theory classes will be there. He asks them not to tell anyone that they took shortcut. He brings them to hostel and says your receipt has the room number, if you don’t like inmate, don’t face them, but don’t think to change rooms. Four people will be staying in a room.

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A girl Ruth from Norway meets Anjali as her room mate and talks to her. She sees Anjali’s parents pic and says you look same as your dad. Anjali says really, you are the first one to say this. Anjali tells about Jagat. Shweta comes and joins them. They come to know food is ready and is asked to come to dining hall. Anjali tells Ruth about food is served, lets go. She teaches her hindi words. Arjun says it means I have to dine with students. The man Nirmal says you are lucky to get a private room. Arjun says its so small. Nirmal asks him to come for dinner, else the hall will be closed at 9pm.

Arjun gives him money and Nirmal refuses to take it. Everyone introduce themselves in the dining hall. Akash is with Siraj and his friends. Akash comes to know that Siraj saved 5 people from sinking. Siraj says he would have saved more, so he came to take training to make rescue team to save people and do disaster management. Akash sees Anjali laughing and waves her. Ruth asks is Akash her BF. Anjali says no, I just met him. Ruth says he is flirting with you. Anjali says no, I think you want to flirt with him. Ruth says no, I think he likes you. They giggle and Akash smiles seeing her.

Arjun tells everyone that his last expedition was Kanchanjunga, one year before, the weather was bad and it was tough. He says avalanche came and we got stuck, 6 people died. Akash records their talk. Ramana says Everest was declared highest one, and gives his knowledge. Arjun says everyone returned and I continued alone. He says it has an interesting story, no one reaches the peak, as it was a promise to Sikkim’s king, he alone crosses the great shelf and reached the summit.

He asks Akash where is his camera. Akash shows it. The lady asks Akash to tell her before shooting and does makeup. They laugh. Mansi tells everyone that Gopal told her about a girl coming without admission, but Abhiyankar took her as she climbed the wall and went in his cabin, he was impressed by her. Akash asks who is she. Mansi says Anjali Rawat. Ruth says here she is. Akash smiles seeing her. Everyone go clapping for her. Akash records her and she signs him to stop. Arjun gets angry.

Its night, Anjali tries to catch network. Akash comes and talks to her. He says I m Akash Joshi. She says Anjali Rawat. He says you got famous and shows the pics. She says it was not great, it was first floor. He says Abhiyankar was impressed. She says good night. He stops and says I have something else too. He shows her pic. She smiles and says its very good, thanks. He says sometimes pics capture the moment we can’t see with open eyes, I feel you are alone here, lost in your world. He asks her to take it. She leaves.

Akash sees the amazing pics she shot on the way. He smiles and says I did not forget to shoot even after one year. Anjali sleeps. Arjun gets a disturbed sleep and says no one can go to Kanchanjunga. He thinks of his expedition where he got weakened before reaching the peak. His friend fell and called him. Arjun helped him and says you have just 10min oxygen. The man says take me back, I can’t go ahead. Arjun says I did not come to go back Sukhbir, the peak is just 200 meters and your death is 10mins away. He says even if we go back, even then you will die. He says everyone is alone at such height, and its best place to die for a mountaineer. Sukhbir says no Arjun. Arjun leaves him there and goes. Sukhbir died. Arjun wakes up by the dream, and says everyone is alone at heights. He cries out of guilt.

Colonel Abhiyankar says I will give 10 lakh scholarship to the one who is best in this batch. Everyone compete to be best. Anjali puts her best efforts.

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