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The Episode starts with the team moving ahead. Sam tries contacting Abhiyankar. He tells him to stop the summit. Abhiyankar says the weather looks clear. Sam says stop there, don’t go ahead till I tell you, weather is not fine. He says it will take two hours more, stop the team. Abhiyankar says fine. Chand asks what will we do now. Abhiyankar says Sam said storm will be coming, we have to stay here till storm passes. Arjun says see the weather, its very clear, Sam made many mistakes, we should not believe him, I think we should go ahead.

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Abhiyankar says you all have to do as I say, you have to follow the orders. Anjali asks Arjun to relax.

Arjun says I don’t need anyone, I m alone. The team sits to have food. Arjun leaves alone while the team is unaware. Abhiyankar comes to know Arjun is not with them, and worries. He tries contacting Arjun. Chand says Tashi and I will go to find Arjun and get him back, you stay here. Abhiyankar says no, we have to face this storm, we can’t stop now, as Arjun will die alone, we have to get him.

Tashi says we will get him. Anjali asks will he be fine. Abhiyankar says yes, but if he is lost in ice, then… anyways lets go and find him. The team calls out Arjun’s name and looks for him. He talks to Sam and tells about Arjun. Arjun says I will be at going alone. Rina contacts Akash and asks him to talk to Arjun. She says wish him on my behalf. He says fine. Arjun walks alone and gets tired. Jagat sees Anjali’s pic and cries, saying Sarita that Anjali will die.

Jagat says there were many climbers who died there and Anjali, my daughter is there because of me. She says no, she is not there because of you, she is there for you, my heart says she will come back home safely. She smiles seeing his acceptance towards Anjali. The team asks Arjun to respond. Abhiyankar tells Sam that Arjun is missing and they can’t find him. Ramesh is shocked knowing it.

Sam says it’s a blizzard, stay where you are. Sam asks Ramesh not to worry. Ramesh says I m not worried, he has good survival instinct, he will do the summit, he will reach alone. Sam asks is he fine, does he know what is he saying. He says its summit of mount everest, the highest point on earth.

Anjali says we will find Arjun and not go back. They try finding him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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