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The Episode starts with Akash talking to Siraj and his friends. Anjali asks about Abhiyankar’s office and goes to see. Akash turns and does not see her. Anjali is stopped and requests the guard to allow her. She walks away and looks at the building. She sees the structure and smiles. She starts climbing up the building by pole and flats. The guard sees her and shouts asking her to stop. Akash hears this and takes her pic. Abhiyankar says he won’t give admission to anyone like this, he don’t sell seats, only talented people can get admission. He sees Anjali come in his office by balcony. She says Anjali Rawat, I want to talk to you.

He asks why did she not come by stairs. She says they did not allow me as I did not fill form. The guard says I stopped her. He asks him to go and gives her

30 secs to explain. She says she stays in Jodhpur, and came with money to learn mountaineering, she can’t wait for one year, she has to do course this year, he can take any test. He says you passed physical test, but rules are not made here to break, admission closed means admission closed, you have to go back, but answer me, why do you want admission this year. She says I can’t come next year, everything will change, I won’t get permission again, I won’t get a chance to shine my family’s name, its important to me.

He says if you are determined, you can try again, you may leave now. She says ok and turns. He says this time come by stairs. She says yes. He says Anjali Rawat, if you lose one chance, its not failure. She says I will lose my identity by this and I won’t get it again, thanks. She goes by stairs. The man asks where did she go. Anjali says she went by balcony. She says Colonel knows and leaves. Ramesh and Arjun are on the way and reach NIM. Akash greets them. Ramesh goes to meet Abhiyanker. Akash says he is excited. Arjun says I m sure, you did not do any high profile. Akash says he knows his work well, and he has to take training, He takes his pic.

Akash calls Shikha Maa. She coughs and hides her ill health before taking the call. She says she is fine and asks how is he. He asks what happened to her. She says I m fine, Meera is cooking and the tadka made me cough. He says he reached and the place is great. He says he will get her here some day. She smiles and cries. Anjali roams around and sees the mountain pic thinking about Sarita’s words. Akash comes there and thinks about Shikha’s words. They see each other. He greets her and says hi, you here.

He says its amazing, we met again, I saw you leaving in bus and thought I should have spoke to you, looks like Lord has pity on me, did you come for mountaineering course. Ramesh calls him. He says we will meet again and leaves. Ramesh, Akash and Arjun talk to Abhiyankar. He says Everest climbing is tough. Arjun says I will manage any training program. Abhiyankar asks Akash how will he manage with camera and without training. Akash says he will try. Ramesh says you have to train both of them. Arjun says I guarantee you will lead it, as media did not cover such thing before. Ramesh says I must confess, we want you to lead the expedition, you are the best.

Abhiyankar says the journey begins here, my heart says I can just train them. Ramesh says I can’t force you, just expect you to agree. He says we will give any payment. He says yes, I did not say any price. Arjun says then say the price, marketing and media is necessary, if you don’t sell yourself, you will remember you. Abhiyankar says the mountaineer who gets saved by my training will remember me, I won’t sell talent. He says they will get training. Ramesh thanks him and says I will return after four weeks. They leave. Abhiyankar thinks about Anjali’s words and stands in window. He sees her leaving and calls the guard at the gate.

She turns and looks at NIM. She cries. The man stops her calling Anjali Rawat….. She meets Abhiyankar and he gives her 30 secs to say yes, else he will take the offer back. She says yes Sir. He says go to admission office with Gopal and complete the process. She thanks him for giving me this chance. He says not chance, identity, go and make your identity. Arjun sees some pics. Few girls meet him and are his fan. Arjun enjoys the company and flirts with one. He says Abhiyankar will train me and his next expedition is Everest. Anjali comes there and smiles. She says she saw his news on tv. Arjun says Akash is making documentary on me. He asks Akash to shoot this. He gives autographs to the girls.

Anjali talks to girl. Arjun says nothing can stop me from the summit. They all cheer for Anjali, and Akash covers her, leaving Arjun. Akashshows her pic and talks to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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