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The Episode starts with Arjun raising question on Abhiyankar’s stupid plan to go on summit at night. Akash says how can you say so, he has experience, you are so adamant like kids, its useless to talk to you. Arjun says shut up. Akash says lets sleep for some time. Abhiyankar coughs and blood comes out of his mouth. He gets tensed and Sam tries to contact him. Abhiyankar talks to him and says he is fine, just got some infection, the weather looks clear. Sam says you can start climbing, but winds are possible.

He says five of us will go. Sam asks is he leaving any one behind. Abhiyankar says I have to. Chand asks is he fine and sees the blood. Abhiyankar says he is fine, ask everyone to get ready to leave. Chand says your chest bones got broken and this is internal bleeding. Abhiyankar says

don’t tell this to anyone. Chand says I have no one except you. Abhiyankar says I know, so we are together, leave everything on Everest.

Chand calls everyone. Abhiyankar talks to his team and says its last lap of our summit, and we will reach Everest till morning, if everything goes well, the bad news is oxygen supply is less, and any one of you have to stay back. He says I m sorry Akash, you can’t come with us. Akash says I can understand. Abhiyankar says the decision was tough for me. Akash says I can do this for the team. Arjun asks are you serious Colonel, how can we leave Akash here. Abhiyankar says I m expedition leader, I will decide.

Arjun says Akash has come to shoot my Everest summit, why can’t Anjali stay back. Abhiyankar says if you are Ramesh’s candidate, then Anjali is my candidate, she is capable like you. Arjun asks him to talk to Ramesh. Abhiyankar asks Akash to teach camera operations to Chand, as he will shoot Arjun’s summit. He asks Tashi to do final checks.

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He asks Chand to keep three oxygen cylinders for them, and asks team to get going. Chand tells Abhiyankar that he needs rest, and he and Tashi will see Arjun and Anjali. Abhiyankar says I m expedition leader, its his responsibility to take team to peak and he will do it. Chand says fine. Abhiyankar contacts Ramesh and says he decided to drop out Akash because of less oxygen supply, but Chand will shoot the summit videos.

Ramesh says I m fine, I don’t care about it, if I get the videos. Abhiyankar says thanks, I felt you will argue. Ramesh says I care about Arjun’s summit and he should be seen with century corp flag. Anjali says I wish Akash you came along. Akash says then you don’t go. She says what. He says you stay here. She asks how can I? He says we did not come here to get fans, this last lap will be very tough, if anything happens, if you die, think again, lets go back, decide soon. She says she did not come to get fans, many things changed now and I want to do the summit by go above my expectations, I have to go, don’t stop me.

Akash smiles and says you finally understood it, no second thoughts now, all the best. She says it would be fun if you came. He says I know and they laugh. Arjun asks Akash to give some tips to Chand about camera, I want to look good in summit shot. Akash says I will do that. Akash explains the camera use to Chand.

Rina gives the latest update on mission everest and the last lap. Jagat and Sarita see the news. Rina says its just 12 hours climbing in minus degrees and many climbers died in this zone. Shikha Maa worries about Akash. Rina says mountaineers are heroes to take life risk. Tashi says all checked. Akash wishes all the best to the team. He hugs them and then comes to Anjali. He hugs her and says all the best. The team leaves.

Abhiyankar looks for Arjun. The team tries to find Arjun. Arjun falls and says nothing can happen to me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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