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The Episode starts with Anjali running leaving behind her scarf. Akash gets it and goes to return her. She takes it and they smile. He shows smiley sign and she thanks him. She turns and starts leaving. Akash sees her pics in camera and smiles. He leaves for NIM and shoots pics on the way. Anjali is in bus going to NIM. Akash asks Ram Singh to stop the car and takes pics if the sheep, people, flowers, and all natural beauty. He takes pics of poor people. They reach UttarKashi. Akash says Ram Singh that the city is beautiful. Ram Singh asks does he makes pics. Akash says yes, the truth one. He asks documentary. Akash laughs and says yes. Ram Singh asks him to make a movie here, people think mountains fall here, but that was Lord’s anger, now its past, if you show the beauty of this city, people will

start coming. Akash says yes, sure, I will show them the reality.

Ramesh asks Arjun to give his parents’ pic. Arjun asks why. Ramesh says he needs for media, it needs a personal touch, childhood pics and father’s pic, as he was also a mountaineer. Arjun says I will try. Ramesh says I will get everything on net, your history. He asks his father’s name. Arjun gets tensed to say. Ramesh gets a call and leaves. Arjun uses his tab and finds some mountaineer of that time. He also checks his background on google and sees the pages coming.

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Ramesh comes back and Arjun keeps it back. Ramesh asks did he search, did he find anything. Arjun says nothing, as my dad was a private person. Ramesh says fine. Arjun leaves and goes out. Arjun sees his childhood pic in wallet and cries. He thinks of his childhood in orphanage. He sees few kids playing and asking to give the ball. He smiles seeing them and throws the ball. The people see him and identify him. They say we just saw your pic in newspaper, can you give us autograph and click a pic with us. Arjun agrees and takes pics with them.

Anjali gets down the bus along with the lady. The lady asks her to take care and keep wearing sweater. Anjali says even my Maa say this. The lady says bye, maybe we will meet again like this. She leaves. Anjali asks the people about NIM and walks. She reaches NIM and smiles seeing it. She says soldier will go ahead. The guard opens the gate and she goes inside. A man says it has the time table for new candidates. Anjali talks to him. He asks her name. She says Anjali Rawat, I came for admission. He says the admission process is closed and there is no seat now.

Anjali is asked to leave. Akash reaches NIM and Ram Singh takes the bags out. He gives him. Akash says will you not work in my pic. Ram Singh says no. Akash says come with me and asks him to give his message seeing the camera. Ram Singh gives the message asking people to come Uttarakhand, and see Badrinath … its very beautiful place. Akash says great Ram Singh, you said well, you are a star. Ram Singh says you are a good man. Akash says no, lets meet later. Akash calls Ramesh and says he has reached NIM. Ramesh says we are coming.

Akash looks around and records. Few guys come and ask is he doing film shooting, who is the star. Akash replies well, and introduces himself saying he is a documentary maker, Akash Joshi. The man says I m Siraj Ahmed, exciting, meet my friends and says their names. Akash asks what do they do. Siraj says nothing, we are called losers. Akash says then we are relatives. He asks did they come for mountaineering. Siraj says we want to take training here and help in disaster management. Akash says then you will get famous. They have a talk.

Ramesh talks on phone and says he is keeping his promise, the best reporter will come, a half an hour screw up every night. Arjun says that’s brilliant, you are great. Ramesh laughs and says the horse I bet on is not allowed to lose. Arjun says don’t worry, we will do it. Anjali talks to the man and says she wants to meet the principal once as she came from Jodhpur. He says there is no way, it’s a govt institute and he is Colonel Abhiyankar, and we will get fired if we allow anyone without form. He tells her what Colonel did with some guy, giving him money to go back. He asks her to go back home. Anjali thinks about Jagat’s words and walks out.

Colonel Abhiyankar asks Anjali to talk in 30 secs, and says admission closed means closed, she has to go back. Akash meets Arjun and says training is for you. Akash meets Anjali and says I was a fool to not talk to you, looks like Lord has pity for me, so we met again. She smiles. Anjali climbs up to Abhiyankar’s office.

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