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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar talking to Sam about weather. Sam asks the oxygen supply status. Abhiyankar says we have just 9 cylinders and we will use it less. Sam says that won’t be enough, some people have to stay back, the oxygen won’t be enough. Abhiyankar says I know, I will think about it. Chand asks him what is the matter. Abhiyankar tells the problem. Tashi gives the cylinders to Anjali, Akash and Arjun and asks them to take oxygen in between. Arjun says I don’t need as even Colonel does not need any cylinder.

Ramesh asks Sam about the weather. Sam says its nothing to worry. Ramesh asks about Nasir. Sam says he is coming back with Sherpas. Sam asks why is he interested suddenly. Ramesh says I m just interested in his team doing everest summit. He says he has sent his team

on rescue mission and he did charity. Sam says he is showing his favor for publicity. Ramesh says I m business man and I have to do this. Chand tells Abhiyankar that we should stay here. Abhiyankar says no, they are going for the first time, I can’t send them alone, I have to go along, and you and Tashi has to come.

Chand says we have 9 oxygen cylinder, how is this possible. Arjun says I don’t need it, you can give it to anyone. Abhiyankar says I can’t allow you. Arjun says its my challenge to summit without oxygen cylinder. Abhiyankar asks him to focus on everest summit and asks Arjun to end the matter here. Rina says the everest team became national heroes and tells Sid about the messages about Arjun. Sid smiles and teases her for being happy for Arjun.

Rina talks to Anjali and say she got famous and they regard her an inspiration. Akash smiles. Anjali says I did not think people will praise me. Rina says what you are doing is truly amazing. Anjali asks did her parents send any message. Rina says I did not get any message, we tried to contact for interview and your dad was away for work, everyone is proud of you.

Anjali says Arjun is not using oxygen and asks her will she talk to Arjun. Rina says not now, I m getting late. Arjun hears this and says its fine. Sid asks Rina why did she not talk to Arjun. Rina says I won’t talk to him like this, I have to talk something imp in special way. Anjali recalls her words and Jagat’s dream. She says are you proud of me dad. The team takes some rest. Arjun reminds them that they all are because of him. Abhiyankar says we are here for you, not because of you.

Abhiyankar scolds him and says you just say, the one who dos the work gets respect, we are here to manage your burden as you can’t do it alone, we are together as our aim is same, if you feel we are because of you, then you are responsible for Nima’s death, if you can’t become a part of this, don’t be egoistic. Arjun gets angry and goes. Ramesh talks to Arjun and asks him not to care about Colonel’s words.

Arjun says no one spoke to me like this, talk to him. Ramesh says you want me to scold him, just focus on your goal and not care about others, get the sarpech and we will celebrate. Arjun says I don’t need anyone. Ramesh says I need you Arjun. Tashi says everyone slept, you also sleep fro few hours Arjun.

Abhiyankar says anyone has to stay here because of low oxygen. Akash asks Anjali to stay back. She says what being shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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