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The Episode starts with Anjali seeing Jagat and stopping. Maithili greets Jagat and makes him engaged in talk. Anjali walks by his side as he turns. Anjali hides and picks up her ticket which falls near his feet. Maithili thanks Jagat and waves bye to Anjali. Arjun is leaving with Ramesh. He says we will reach there in 6 hours. Ramesh says this is you beginning, many tried to climb Everest, few reached and many died. Anjali comes in the Arrivals and stands in the queue. She catches the bus and gets friendly with a lady. Akash comes out of airport and sees a person waiting.

Anjali says she is going Uttarkashi for the first time. The lady says yes, I m also going alone for the first time. Anjali says I never went alone. The lady jokes and they laugh. She says I m very excited, how will we spend

5 hours on way. Anjali says we have to get fun by the journey. The lady says you are right, this shows your upbringing. She tells about her parents, husband and son, who have always bonded her. She says she did everything, even then she was a helpless woman. She says she got so much love that she did not complain, she came out for the first time and felt like flying. She says your father is great to give you freedom.

Arjun and Ramesh land in Dehradun and go via car. Arjun gets a call and says he just reached, you saw the papers, not yet. He tells Ramesh what happened was his mistake, he really felt it was night flight. Ramesh says I don’t give a damn. Arjun says my name in Arjun, I can’t see anything expect fish eye. Ramesh says words enough, show me doing something. Arjun says NIM chief will lead my Everest expedition, there is no chance to fail. Ramesh says yes, I will talk to him. Arjun says did you not talk to him till now. Ramesh says he knows to make him say yes, Kernel Abhiyankar will lead you. Arjun asks about Akash. Ramesh says Akash is the best in market right now.

Anjali eats the laddoos given by the lady and flies her hair outside the window. The bus stops at the café and she has the tea. She hears the kids fighting for car. The man says he loves his daughter and son equally. Anjali sees them and smiles. She gets Sarita’s call who asks so many questions and says she reached well. Sarita says your Papa will come home now, so I called to ask. Anjali says she is at a Dhaba and one hour far from Uttarkashi. Sarita says he has come. Anjali says did he ask about me. Sarita says no, he just came. She tells Jagat that its Anjali’s call and asks her to say hello to Maasi and Kajal. She asks will you talk. He says she went today. Sarita says he asked you to take care. Anjali says lie again, relax, I won’t be sad now, I m preparing for my war, make him ready as he has to fight bigger war than me, I will call after reaching NIM. They say I love you and ends the call.

Anjali smiles seeing the father daughter bond. Akash reaches the same Dhaba. The driver says the Mount View is the most beautiful place to take pics. Akash asks how much commission he gets and they laugh. Anjali stands at the top of the mount and smiles. Akash roams around the place and smiles seeing a girl standing on top, its Anjali. Akash takes her pics in his camera. She looks at him and signs stop. He smiles seeing her and shows thumbs up. She signs stop and he smiles continuing to take her pics. She shows a punch sign.

Anjali runs and Akash goes to return her scarf. Anjali goes for admission and she is stopped as the seats are full. Akash talks to few men and laughs. Ramesh tells Arjun that he does not permit the horse to lose on which he bets.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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