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The Episode starts with Rina telling about Anjali’s everest mission is dedicated to her dad. Jagat recalls her taking blessings from him. Anjali and the team proceeds towards camp 4. Akash records Arjun. Arjun gets tired and Abhiyankar asks him to use oxygen if he needs. Arjun says no, I m fine. Abhiyankar says lets take a break. Akash contacts Ramesh. He asks about hospital bills. Ramesh says I managed it. Akash thanks him. Ramesh says I committed to you, now its your work. He asks him to shoot Arjun and match his steps always. Akash says don’t worry, and I do my work even if I don’t get money. Ramesh says great.

Akash tells Anjali that everything is fine, the problem is Shikha Maa was being dragged in bill payments. Anjali says relax, she knows you. She says my mum says worries lead to

hair loss, and you have good hair, save them. He says I feel she is with me all the time, we went through tough time after Gaurav died, maybe this journey is imp to us, I think this will be big victory for us.

Shikha Maa and Seema see the news about Everest team reaching the peak. Seema says the bills settled. Shikha says you were doubting on Akash, he did it. She says I won’t hear his complaint now. You don’t accept your mistake, see what my Akash gets after reaching everest peak, he will be star, he will have money, trust and name. Seema says Gaurav would have be happy seeing this. They laugh.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Ramesh talks to his investors and says mission everest is back on track. The man talks sweet and says he is like family, he spoke to broker and he will buy all shares back. Ramesh says you got late, I told my group to stop the shares for you. The man says you are like my son. Ramesh says you have backstabbed me. The man says I m your father’s friend, its business, nothing personal to take on heart. Ramesh says you sold your shares. You did mistake and have to bear it. He gets another call from his daughter and is glad talking to her.

She says I saw you on tv. He asks do I look handsome. She says yes, I like Anjali and I m her big fan, is she really going to climb Everest. He says yes. She says when she grows, she will climb everest, will he help her. Ramesh says I will help always, anything you want to do, promise. She asks him to really promise. He says sorry for not coming, this is real promise. She says she wants to do something for him like Anjali. He says I love you so much. Sakshi says all the best Ramesh, we are very proud of you. He says thanks, I told you I will make everything fine.

Nasir reaches the camp 3 place and looks at the everest saying bye for the final time. The team stops seeing the mount everest. Chand says nothing survives here. Anjali smils and says its everest. Abhiyankar laughs and says this is not the peak, its behind it, this is south summit. He recalls Tara and sees her there. They proceed. He asks Tashi to fix tents, they will wait here for some time and then start. Arjun asks why are we waiting, its still day, we can go ahead. Abhiyankar contacts Sam and asks weather reports. Sam says its all ok.

Arjun reminds everyone that they are here because of him. Abhiyankar says thanks, we are here for you, not because of you.

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