Where ever you are I will find you that’s my promise


“Love is something that’s felt, not seen, if you love someone trully, you will always find that person.”

Luna’s pov

Hi my name is Luna Valente, I’m 20 years old,I’m 3 months pregnant and am in a relationship with Matteo Balsano, mi amor and the father of my unborn baby, but since few days I didn’t find him anywhere, it’s like he never existed.”

Matteo’s pov
“I’m sorry Luna that I couldn’t be at your side, at this difficult period of our lives, but if I come back to you he will torture me, cause he is psycopath and he is obsessed with you, my bff Mark is torturing me.” “I have deep cuts on my skin every were from head to toe.” I miss you mi vida, the mother of my child.”

Flashback of Matteo
“Today I wanted to propose my love of my life my chica delivery.” For foing the preparations, I called Mark for help, so he came took me to a place and started to beat me up, tortured me and said: “Luna is only mine, if I can’t have her, then no one can have her and not even my bf cum enemy.”

Mark’s pov

“I send Luna, a video how I was torturing her Matteo, he really was shouting, cause he had pains, but something shocked me someone called the police and they arrested, I could see that Luna was smilling brightly, while she was kissing her true love.” “Before the police took me, Luna kicked me there, where it hurts the most for men and said: “Rot in jail and I will never love you, cause Matteo is my love.” “I will be in prison forever.”

Two years later

“It’s now a year after our marriage.” Matteo said while playing with his daughter Bella, the baby was smilling at her father and mother. Luna kissed her daughters head.

The End

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    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks dear, It`s a one shot about Lutteo of Soy Luna<3

  1. AMkideewani

    I think that I have to delete this story?

  2. Pathan

    Wow very nice and amazing story my sister
    It’s short but portrayed everything in this short story
    I loved your writing skill very much because you really portrayed story in very good manner
    It is good, it really showed a nice love story with a lot of pain
    Loved it

    By the way who are these characters
    Are these of your UK

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot bro?
      These are from a disney serial the name of the serial is: Soy Luna. I just put the main characters Luna and Matteo in it.

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