Where ever you are I will find you that’s my promise part 3 Gastina: Our incomplete lovestory

Hi guys I know about this serial, the name of it is Soy Luna, it’s an argentinian serie and it’s very unique.

Part 1 was with my absolut fav couple Lutteo(Luna +Matteo)

Part 2 with my third fav couple Simbar(Simon + Ambar)

Part 3 with my second fav couple Gastina(Gaston +Nina)

I hope you guys will like it, I put so much effort in this mini series of these three couples.

Gastina: our incomplete lovestory( Hamari Adhuri Kahaani)

“Why is it so hard to love you,my angel, my love, my soulmate, my life and my smile.” That were my last words to my love of the live, before she died in my arms she said to me: “I love you, Gaston, never forget me please.” “No, I will never forget you Nina.” Our lovestory ended like this, how the indians would say: “Hamari Adhuri Kahaani!” It means “our incomplete lovestory.” Sorry guys, but I love indian films only in Hindi with subtitles of course.

Flasback of our story Gaston’s pov
“Hi my name is Gaston Perida and who are you?” “My name is Nina Simonetti and nice to meet you Gaston.” “Are you a new student?” “No, I’m the new teacher here.” “Are you a student.” “No, I’m a teacher here as well, so you are my new colleague.” “Welcome in our team.” “Thank you very much.” “Which class am I going to teach?” “11b.” “Ok, one of the students is my sis.” “What’s her name?” “Her name is: Jazmin Perida, be careful with her!” “Why?” Cause she is a little bit dumb, but sweet.” “Ok, I bet, that she is very nice like you Mr. Badass.” “Did you just call me badass?” “Yeah, I did. “Ok Miss. Cutiepie, if you call me badass, so I will call you cutiepie.” “But why.” An inoncent Nina asked me and I replied to her, before the bell rang: “Tit for tat!” 

Nina’s pov
“So class this is your new teacher, Miss. Simonetti.”Mr. Gilbert(The director) said. “Goodmorning class!”I said to them. “Goodmorning Miss. Simonetti.” The friendly class said, except for Jason Smith and Ambar Smith(both are twins). “Jason and Ambar, why don’t you guys say hello to Miss. Simonett.” Mr. Badass asked them. “Why should we?” JaMbar asked him rudely. “I guess, she is your girlfriend.” Jason said very rudely. “Detention Mr. and Miss. Smith!” I said loudly. “Who, are you to give us detention?” Both asked, while they were shocked. “Cause, I’m your teacher and he is as well, so don’t interfere in our personal life and I’m not his Girlfriend.” “Wow, you are awesome, I like you and you are the first one to give these arrogant people detention, which they deserve.” Jazmin shouted from the back, where she was sitting.  “Class dismissed!” I said. I wanted to go to the teachers office, but someone held my hand and said: “Miss. Cutiepie can be a badass as well.” “Thank you very much for the compliment!” “You know, what you are very beautyful!” “Wow, nobody complimented me like this!” I said, while I was blushing a very deep shade of red.” “Red, suits you!” He said while he was smirking like this? and I was like this?. 

Few days later Gaston and Nina were getting on well, everyone could see that they loved eachother and especially Jazmin, she shipps Gastina genuinely unique in her way. Ambar hates Jazmin, but Jason has a crush on Jazmin, cause of her crazy, but cute antics. “Could there be a chance for JazSon!” Jason accidently said very loudly, which caused that Jazmin was blushing very hardly and Ambar was looking at him with disbelieveness as well as angrilly, but he didn’t care and directly asked Jazmin if she would like to be his girlfriend and she said yes. “I love you my queen!” “I love you too my king!” “We have to do something about Gastina.” They said together, while they started to laugh, which Ambar didn’t like at all, so she planned, something very dangerous.

After school Ambar came back and started to burndown the school, but she knew that few people were in there, like her brother Jason, Jazmin and Nina, but she didn’t know that Gaston was there as well. She could hear screams and she laughed evilly, before she went home. Nina saved Jason and Gaston, she went in to save Jazmin, who was semi-unconscious. Gaston was very worried and went back in to safe his sis and the girl he loves, he found them and Nina said: “Safe your sister!” He did what she said and went back in to get her, she inhaled to much smoke, so her breathing got slower and slower, he took her and was holding her like she was a bride till they were out, he sat down and was still holding her in his arms.

Gaston’s pov
“Why is it so hard to love you,my angel, my love, my soulmate, my life and my smile.” That were my last words to my love of the live, before she died in my arms, she said to me: “I love you, Gaston, never forget me please.” “No, I will never forget you Nina.” I remembered everything what happend few years back, while I was resting on my deathbed and I thought to myself: “Nina, I’m coming, your Gaston is coming to you!

“Not, every lovestory has an happy ending!”

The end

Link to the other parts: http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Where+ever+you+are

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  1. Pathan

    Oh god such a sad ending
    But it’s OK
    It was needed really you had heart touching story
    You really have something different skill of writing sister
    Keep writing good story and keep smiling always

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks bro, did you read the second story?
      I love your story, it’s very different, cause you are writing about what happens in reality, that is something very special.
      Keep smiling bro

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