Where ever you are I will find you that’s my promise Part 2: Simbar


Before I forget to interduce myself!

Hi my name is Simon Valente, I’m 19 years old like my twin sis Luna, eventhought I’m 1 minute older than, but for her I’m her bff and then her bro, I also have a girlfriend her name is Sofia, she’s half Indian and half British,she’s 21, I love her a lot, but my sister doesn’t like her, cause she’s 2 years older than me, but I don’t care about the age difference, my sofia is very sweet, loveable, every guy could fall for her, cute, a very good singer and actress, I acted in one of her films.

That’s Sofia S.??

Simon’s pov

“I love you!” “Who are you?” “Don’t you remember me?” “I’m….”

I dreamt about her??, but I don’t remember her, she always comes in my dreams and goes away like a dream. I ask myself, why do I dream about someone else, if I already have my dream girl.

“Simon wake up you have an interview.” My sweety woke me up with a kiss on my cheek. I instantly woke up and went to get ready for it, then I fastely ate my breakfast and I drove to the location.”

The location was preety

I was shocked when I saw one of the reporters, the girl, who I always dream of and the one who tells me, that she loves me and the one, who I don’t remember(note Simon had an accident, so he doesn’t remember Ambar, she’s his real girlfriend and not Sofia, she’s just using him).

Ambar’s pov

“There he is, the guy, I loved, I still and will always love.” “He changed me from the stonehearted, rude and arrogant spoilt brat, who craved for love to a loveable, the most luckiest girl, till he fell for my manupulative stepsister, but my love for him will get the real Simon back, only Luna knows her truth, cause she showed her true colors, while she was flirting with my bff Matteo, who is Luna’s boyfriend.” “But now back to present.” “Hi, I think you look similar to someone, I know.” “Hi, I’m Ambar Smith, we went to the same school and same class, your sis is my very close friend.” “That’s perfect, you could come to our villa to meet my sis, she will br very happy to see you.” “Yeah, sure!”

Simon’s pov

“I really like Ambar, she’s very friendly, the most beautiful, hot, sweet and very cute woman, while she asked me some questions, but the last one stayed in my mind: “Do you really love you girlfriend?” “This question, I asked myself since ages, but I always end up being in a Turmoil about my feelings about Sofia and now about Ambar, I think I’m just atracted to her and nothing else.” “Are you ready to go?” I asked her. “Yes, I am.” A few minutes, we reached my place.” I rang the doorbell, Sofia openend the door, she was smilling at me, but suddenly she was angry? and she asked while she was pointing at Ambar: “What is she doing here?” Before I could answer Lutteo indirectly saved me with their question: “Sofia is Simon back?” “Yes he is and he brought someone with him.” While they came down, suddenly they screamed: “Ambar, is that you?” “Yes, it’s me.” They hugged her and jumped like little children.

Sofia’s pov

“I hate her, I just hate my stepsister, our father only used my mom for money and nothing else, he only loves Ambar and her mom.” “Why are you here?” I rudely asked her. “Why are you so rude to her, what did she do to you?” “You are asking, why!” “Cause of her and her mother, my dad used my mom.” “No, it was the other way round, our dad used our moms, he never cared for us, he only cared for the money, which wasn’t his, it was you mothers and my mothers, my mom never cared about me, I never got love from anyone till your “boyfriend” changed me.”

Simon’s pov

Ambar told Sofia, the whole truth, suddenly I started to remeber everything and asked Ambar infront of Sofia, while kneeling: “Ambar Smith do you want to be my girlfriend?” “Yes, I do!” While I was twirling the love of my life around.” “Congrats, you both.” That were the last words of Sofia, before she went.

Three months later

Ambar’s pov

“Everyone is happy in their lives, me and my sister understand eachother better now and she found someone, who loves her truelly.”


“Her boyfriend is an Indian actor and his name is Varun dhawan, they complete eachother in every way, like Simon and I.” “I’m very happy for Sofia.” “She changed a lot, our mothers changed as well, both pamper us girls, it’s very important to get pampered a lot, when you are pregnant.” “Yes we both are pregnant, Sofia is a 3 weeks pregnant and I’m 4 weeks pregnant.” “Our dad is in jail, since a month.”

The End.

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