Ever Since We Met In A Foriegn Land – (Part 7) by NIVU

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Recap : Naina saves Raghav’s dadi nd thinks he is responsible for dadis state. Raghav hurriedly rushes to hospital…..

Here we go with next part :

Location : @ hospital :??

Raghav rushed to the hospital directing his legs towards room no : 293 where his Dadi was admitted. He pushed the glass door and could see Dadi surrounded by a few nurses treating her. She was looking too weak and tired with pale lips and dry eyes. Raghav sat beside Dadi and he held her hands in his assuring nothing would happen to her.

After 3 hours of long waiting , Dadi slowly opened her eyes and Raghav let out a long held sigh of relief. The doctor assured that she was totally out of danger and just needed proper care and rest. The head surgeon who has handeled dadis case asked Raghav to meet him personally. Raghav silently walked following the surgeon’s footsteps disappearing into his cabin. He handed Raghav a report and said as follows

Surgeon : ” On surface level everything looks fine and perfect Mr. Mehra, but the reports say another story ”

(raghav could feel the uneasiness building in his stomach. He was hell scared for dadis health and asked the surgeon in a single breath 🙂

Raghav : “Is my dadi all right? Did she have a blood loss?? Is she detected with any other disease ?? Please doctor, if there r still any procedures of treatment to be done please carry on. ”

Surgeon : ” No Mr. Mehra , she is alright but the reports say that she is being food poisoned by high doses in her meals and this cannot be normal….. I think she is allergic to the her current diet and needs a change of diet style and food taste. She look even weak; may be a bit mentally and needs a caretaker… ”

Raghav : ” It has come as a shock even to me that somebody has poisoned dadis food. Thank you doctor for the advice. I’ll surely look out that her diet plan is changed…. ”

Surgeon : “Welcome Mr. Mehra.Arrangements for her discharging will be made tommorow . But I cannot take the entire credit Raghav, some part of it even goes to the Indian girl who brought her here at correct time. She even had given an aspirin tablet which prevented your dadis heart attack until we began our treatment….. ”

( Raghav recalled how Sanjana has stopped him at the hospital entrance and claimed that she has brought dadi to hospital…. !! What the Hell…. !! ” How can she even lie when dadi is struggling for life nd death ” raghav said to himself )

Raghav : ” Fine doctor…., I will surely enquiry at the reception so that it would be easy to know who has admitted dadi…. !! ”

His body was raging with fire recalling the lie Sanjana has said to him. Raghav stepped out of the room and headed towards the reception counter and enquired for the details of the Indian girl….. !! He was hell shocked to see the name Sanjana sharma written in the form. Raghav completely came to know that sanjana has turned the tables in her favour….. He asked for the CCTV footage but the receptionist was warned ( by Pam & balraj ) not to give persnol details of hospital. BUT……. One corner of his heart ❤❤ constantly screamed loudly that Indian girl was none other Naina Batra…. !!

Location : Naina’s house :

I was scared the hell out of my life and fastened my walk towards the house. As usual I was just given a long list of tantrums from Chanchal Bhabhi. But today she was a bit more furious than usual and got with me into an heated argument……

Chanchal : ” It has been a month ever since you came to this foreign land as if on a tourism package ?? but still you could not find a job for yourself nor agreeing with us to marry Veer…. !! Just pack your bags and get lost…. !!”

Me : ” Bhabhi but I have given my gold earnings as rent. Im constantly trying to get a job and even tried my best to make sure that my resume and profiles would be considered ”

Chanchal : ” Ohh….. Really Naina. You are just 20 years who has not even completed a business degree and expecting that companies should accept you…. !! Coming to the earrings your brother has lost all the money yesterday in a match at Roullet club …. ”

Tears rolled down my eyes on listening to those last words which came piercing me. Those earings were the gift given by my mum when I turned 15…. The special part was that even Zeenu too had a same set with smaller stones embedded on it. I silently walked away into my room suppressing my tears.

Next Day Morning…… ; Raghavs outhouse

Raghav woke up with a bad headache ?? as he has not slept the whole yesterday night going restless thinking about Dadi…. He wanted to go to the church where he and Dadi used to meet every Sunday. He carried with him a bouquet of Lillie’s ???? and set out in his Sebastian. After the prayer he was soon engrossed with the ‘ father Mathew ‘ who enquired about Dadis health……..

Next Day Morning; Naia’s room

My mind was totally disturbed and I felt a sudden urge to go to the nearby church ‘ St. Michel Church ‘ ⛪⛪. It was a beautiful church with a big prayer hall and a white stoned idol of Jesus. It was almost empty as it was too early hours of morning with many still cuddling in their beds.. ” When things start going out of our hands Naina, we need to seek the help of god ” was what my ma has taught me. I prayed for a quite long time drawing some peace into my disturbed brain. Something strange caught my eyes and it was the same bouquet of the fresh arum Lillie’s ??? which that guy had given me. I don’t knw why I suddenly wanted to see tht person right then . I picked up the bouquet and hurried outside the church hoping I would really find him.

At last I spotted a man ??talking with some church authorities. He as usual looked so fresh and cool. There was 2 strands of wet hairs falling oftenly on his forehead. The same dark black hairs with a tuxedo . I recognised him as ‘Mr. Pardesi’… As soon as he went near his car sorry ‘sebastian’…?? I followed him and got into a conversation with him….

Me : “Hai…. !!”

Raghav : ” Ohh….. !! Hai, how are you Mrs. Batra…. ??”

Me: ” I’m fine…. By the way you can also call me just Naina also….. !!”

Raghav : ” As you say pretty lady ………Its my luck that I did not knock with you once again….!! Else you would have walked away angry on me ”

Me : ” So you think I’m nt angry right now…. ??”

Raghav : ” No…. !! What have I done to face your anger…. ?? Waise bhi Paris mein ladkiya mujhse sirf pyaar karta hai….. Tum jaise Naaraz nahi hote hai ”

Me : ” Ohh……!!Come on ‘ Mr. Pardesi ‘………. Tum Ghagni ho kya…. ????”

Raghav : ” Girls call me honey, sweet heart, darling, etc etc but what is Ghagni now….??”

Me : “Ghajni is someone who forgets things frequently…. Bhullakhad in hindhi….. !! ”

Raghav : ” Oh….. As far as I know I have not forgotten anything… ??”

Me : ” Really…… !! I have lost my job because of you…. And you forgot that so easily ”

Raghav : ” About which job are you talking…… ?? ”

Me : ” I’m speaking about that job in which you collided with me to make the floor eat my tasty Pastrery, Boulangeries nd Baguettes ——- a hardworking of 3 long hours. That fat man Mr. George ?? literally fired me from job for that…… ”

Raghav : “Ohhh…… !! I’m really sorry for that day…. It was a slip of my legs seeing you….. !!”

Me : ” WHAT…… ?? Seeing me…… !! ”

Raghav :” Forget It and sorry again…… Waise bhi jaise SRK ne kaha hai ” Aide bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti baat hoti hi rehti hai….. !!”??

Me : ” wow…. You speak Hindi pretty well…. !!…. But tht doesn’t slove my problem Mr. Pardesi !!…..”

Raghav : ” Thank you for the compliment…. desi girl, sorry Naina…. !!By the way….. Those are my Lillies ??? in your hand……. Take them with you …. They smell really good….. ”

Me : ” yaa…..Ill take them…!!….. So; your reason to be here ??”

Raghav : “For sake of someone very special.. and it is……. ”

JEEZ….. !!Before he could say Raghav got a call from hospital and went out bidding bye to Naina…. !!

Raghav : ” I have go to hospital…. Nice meeting you Mrs. Batra…..Bye ”

Me : ” Bye….. !! ”

Naina’s POV :

I was walking on the road with those bunch of fresh Lillie’s ??? . Wow…. They really smell sweet…. I don’t know why I wished to know for whom he has come to the church. Was it for his mother, family, or girlfriend…… !! No…… !! He may not be having girlfriend….. Or a’m I assuming so. He looks rich and may be dating a few girls by now….!! JEEZ…. !! I don’t like that……!!

” Naina Teri dimag kahan hai….. Uske baare mein kyun soch rahi ho…??? Waise bhi who ghagni nahi hai….. Tum ho female ghagni…. Jo baar baar uska naam puchna bhul jati ho…. ” I said to myself and walked away smiling…..??

Raghav POV in car :

I had a tap on my shoulders and turned back to see the same big emerald eyed girl having a stunning smile standing behind me. ohhh….. !! She always look….. May be nice…..!! No…. Beautiful. I had to group for my words to speak with her…….. ??❤

I genuily felt sorry for her that she has to loose her job because of me. I wish I could help her……. I recalled how I unknowingly said her that I slipped seeing her…..awe…. I cursed my tounge for that….. She called me Ghagni…… nice name…., i liked that one too…Smilingly I drove away…. !!

Precap : Naina meets Dadi in the hospital.
Naina gets a job finally ?? .. !!

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