Ever Since We Met In A Foriegn Land – (Part 6) by NIVU

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Raina – Valentine’s Day Special OS – OUR KISS — by NIVU

Recap : Chanchal forces Naina to marry Veer…!!
Raghav nd shauray’s cute bonding followed by Raghav’s anger on seeing a few bills which were important to Balraj.

Here we go with the 6th episode….

Location : Mehra Mansion ; Pam chachi’s room :

Pam : ” Sanju baby , did you execute your super plan ?? ”

Sanjana : ” Yes Maasi…….. I have added two tablets of food poison in her food. She would really fall unconscious and die when she goes out for tomorrow morning walk….. Hahahahaha…….!! Then all this property would be ours….. Only Ours Maasi……!! ”

Pam : ” That’s sch a sweet plan sanju….. I love your brain….. ”

Sanjana : ” So…. Let’s have a drink Massi…….”

Pam : ” Sure sanju…. !! Cheers…. !!”

Location : Next morning At ” The Pastrey Emporium ” Paris….

Raghav was really furious about what Balraj chacha has done . But still before accusing he decided to confront Mr. George , The bakery head of pastrey Emporium. He suspected this man as he and Balraj chacha were childhood friends.

Mr . George : ” Good morning Raghav…, anything important…??”

Raghav : ” Gm Mr. George…. I had collected the bills on last Thursday and I have found out there is fake expenditure report of $ 13500 spent on modrening the party hall… I know Balraj chacha can’t do it so tell me the story behind this fake expenditure Mr.George…”

Mr. George : ” I agree that I and Balraj have joined hands together for producing this fake expenditure and I think you should not be involved in this as it may really cost you later Mr.Raghav Mehra….”

Raghav : ” Are you trying to threaten me….?? If so please remaind yourself that you are speaking to Raghav Mehra; And I can just file a case against you….!!”

Mr. George : ” Let me give you advice Raghav…. You are just 21 years and you must be busy partying around Paris….. Why are you risking your life falling into our trap…!! We are really dangerous…!! ”

Raghav : ” I think I have go in other way to deal with your problem…. Next time I’ll be on the threatening side Mr.George…. Have it in mind ”

( Saying so Raghav came out of the Emporium. He could not allow someone cheating on Mehra groups as every dollar of it belonged to Dadi , his Dadi ……!! (He used to care for his Dadi the same way Naina cared for her mother and zeenu….. )

Standing outside the Emporium…., his thoughts were slowly filled up with the thoughts of desi girl having the most attractivebig round eyes….. .. He really felt guilty for knocking with her and spoiling her hard work of 3 hours the other day…….!!He went again inside the bakery hoping he would find her at least for a gaze……. BUT… she was no where to be seen…..!! He felt a bit disspointed but he could not trace out the reason as ” why he was haunted by her absence….!!”. His thoughts came to a halt when his mobile beeped loudly…..!! He was shocked like hell to hear the news and finally broke down on the road helplessly….screaming ” This can’t happen…..!! ”

Location : Naina ‘s room…

I woke up to the sunrays peeping from the window filling my room with a texture of orange and red colour…. !! I covered my cute little face with the blanket to hide from sun….. JEEZ…… !! But he shone even more brighter…. !! ” Every new day brings new hopes and ideas” saying so I woke up from my bed; quickly completing the daily chores I took my side bag and set out to a sweet morning walk which I always loved…….

I had come a bit long way from the house where my eyes spotted a lush green park with a few children playing excitedly…….. I fastened my legs to have a closer look . It was indeed a beautiful park with lots of bushes , some tall trees , swings, see- saw’s , slides for children and patches of walking lanes for adults.

I spotted a old women probably of 60’s with her walking stick moving slowly as snail enjoying the Sunrays falling on her witherd skin.I unknowingly felt a soft corner for her suddenly in my heart , the feeling one gets seeing their grandmother. I wanted to have a chat with her and went close to her but she suddenly fell on the ground unconsciously.I rushed to pacify her but she kept on saying ” Raghav…. Raghav….. beta….. Mera baccha…… Raghav ” and closed her eyes completely falling unconscious. I hurriedly took some water from the sprinkler but she could only open half eyes. She watched me for help that made trears fall from my eyes . I quickly gave her ‘ Aspirin ‘ and assured ” app ko much nahi hone dunga Dadi , aap fikar mat kijiye…. Mein aap ko jaldi hospital lekar chaloongi “.

I called a nearby taxi and hurried her towards the ” Paris Central Hospital — A Mehera group of hospitals “. I filled the formalities and rushed her to the ward though I had no money to pay for her medicinal bills…. She kept on blabbering ” Raghav…..” all the way till the ICU. I was now confirmed that that BL**dy person Raghav was the reason behind dadi’s condition…… Whoever you are ” I Hate You…… Raghav ” I said to myself….!!

Suddenly I came to senses by a tap on my shoulder by an women of 45’s . They introduced themselves as Pam and Balraj……. They looked Indian BT had the attitude of foreigners…… They thanked me for bringing her to hospital on correct time saving their mother.Suddenly my phone beeped and chanchal bhabhi was on the other side . She scolded me for going out without informing her. So I bid a good bye to both of them and walked away from the hospital…… I really wanted to know about Dadi’s state but if I go late I very well knew chanchal bhabhi would not spare me……..!! I quickly hurried towards my home….. !!

Precap : What was the incident that raghav heard on phone…
Naina and Raghav’ s meeting….

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    r sanju pam giving poison to dadi?oh..raghav wants to meet naina.wow.what did raghav hear on ph?Naina dadi meeting in this way was unexpected.she became her saviour.so nice.but sad that she thinks that raghav is d reason behind dadi’s condition.hope d mu gets cleared soon

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