Ever Since We Met In A Foreign Land (Episode 5)

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Episode 4

Recap : Raghav and Naina’s cute fight
Naina looses her job because of raghav and she is angry…..??

Here we go with the 5th episode..

Location : At Monaco – Ville; Naina’s room…..

I was soo much worried thinking about all the tantrums I’m gng 2 recive 4rm chanchal bhabi…. images of her her big round eyes with lots of kajal nd flaring nose has slowly set their pace in my mind. I was walking so fastly tht I was taking my legs all the way forcing them…. With all these thoughts bundelded up I knocked the door nd I had a huge surprise….??. as I can see chanchal bhabi warmly welcoming me…. Well…!!That too has a reason…… a strong reason…..!!

Chanchal : “Welcome My sweet heart…., Where were U all the day nd Why do you sooo tired…?? Shall I make your favourite cucumber juice…”

( OMG…..!!… Was all I thought…..Miracles happen…..they do happen at absolutely unexpected time of day….. Chanchal bhabi welcoming me….I mean Naina Batra….. ” Teri toh kismat khul gayi yaar…., Kya chance mara hai..” I thought nd set into a connversation with her….

Me : ” No bhabhi…I’m fine….I was feeling a bit gloomy nd husky like a hay staying entire day in home hence I opted 4 a long walk…… I’ m fine bhabhi… anything important…..??

Chancha bhabi :” Ohh dear…..Leave all that…..I have a happy news 4 you which may make you feel dizzy…… I think staying with ppl like us has finally made Fortune to give a knock to your life ‘s door..”

( I really culdnt trace out what she meant or what was she upto. To top it all the recent happenings were such that by no means anyone could excpect a fortune in my life… )

Me : ” what is it Bhabhi..??….. Did Ma or Zeenu rung up when I had gone out….??”
( I was really worried for bth of them……..!! ? )

Chanchal : ” No….It is nt tht…..Look at this Magzine. Do you know who is he? ?”

( she showed me a picture of a guy whose look fairly spoke how much rich he was…. Below his photo were details of him as a successful buisnessmen nd was even brand ambassedor of a few leading companies in Paris including… ‘ sport five ‘, ‘ Nexity ‘ , nd ‘Nexans ‘…. All In all girls would go head over heals to have him…..!!

Me : ” Is he a rich business man……..?? Who is he…..??”

chanchal : ” Yaa dear….. He is known to every buisness magnet he marketing empire out there….. He is the heir of entire Mehra property…….. ‘ VEER Mehra ‘. ”

Me : ” But…bhabhi…; Hw is it connected to my fortune…??”

Chancha : ” There comes the point dear…., The Mehras want an Indian girl below 25 as a daughter in Law of their house….. So I and Rajeev have decided to fix your alliance with Veer Mehra and have a lumsome of money in return…”

( I was shocked by her decision of taking such a big step 4 my life without my consent….!! I could never approve her with this….!! )

Me : ” But…. bhabhi….I’m just 20 nd I have dreams of my own like taking a degree here… becoming self efficient to provide financial support to Ma nd Zeenu. I understand the fact that my stay in Paris has been a burden for you but I’ll find job as soon as possible…”

Chancha : ” I Knew this would happen nd even warned Rajeev abt it…… Dont even think of finding a job in Paris as it is not as easy as having a job in India…!!. If you agree It is well nd good for you else I have different ways of dealing with the situation…!!

(.She shouted on me nd walked away slamming the door behind her. I was startled by her behaviour…..I mean ; may be she is wanting me to have a rich life but I’m too young for that or ” Do I have someone else in my mind…..??),, I soon fell into my world of thinking….!!

Location : Raghav’s residence….

After collecting the files nd bills from the ” The Pastery Emporium ” He came bck home nd quickly scanned his fridge to have his crossient nd baugette . Suddenly there was a knock on the door nd raghav very well knew no one can his room door like this except his lil bro shouray…. Though he was 15 years…., Raghav found him very innocent nd small, sweet guy. He was the next person whom he loved next to dadi. They often use to have long chit chats and laughed almost 4 nothing and everything. Most of the nights shauray sleeped in his room inspite of the scoldings he would recive by Pam chachi ( his mother ) the next morning before school. He was even poles apart from his elder brother Veer , both in case of head and heart…..

Shauray : ” Raaghav bhaiyaa……. I’m totally angry on you.”

Raghav : ” aey shauree…., jyaada bhav mat khao aur seeda seeda bol kya hua….!!”

Shauray : ” we were supposed to go 4 boating to river siene….”

Raghav : ” ohh….shauree…I’m sorry buddy….but I’ll surely take you somewhere out…!! Else say me where you would like to hang around this weekend..”

Shauray : ” No….bro…!! I’m in no mood to go anywhere…”

Raghav : ” Surprising….!! Surprising shauree….!!You and No to outing….!!”

Shauray : ” I had a breakup with my girl friend Tinky…!!”

Raghav started laughing hearing the name Tinky….!!

Raghav : ” Tinky….!! Nice name…. Both of you together will be ‘ shanky ‘ buddy…!!! Great…!!”

Shauray : “Okay…..If Tinky is not nice….!!Then say me which girly name you like..Mr.perfect brother”

Raghav : ” To me shauree name of a girl must be filled with life………mmm….. Like Naina…..!! Naina….Naina Batra….!!”

Shauray : ” haaaaan…!! Bhaiyaa… I agree that Naina is girly but why did you say Naina Batra…?? Have u met anyone named Naina…..??”

Raghav : ” Nothing buddy….. Batra suits Naina….. That’s it…!!”

Shauray : ” I though you liked ony…..Sanj….sanj—–aaa—naa ”

Raghav : ” ohh….really buddy…..! Leave that and say abt your Tinky..”

Shauray : ” Ohh…..bro….I’m serious…..!! We were loving 4rm long time….!!”

Raghav : ” In that case……From how many days were u in love…??”

Shauray : ” For nearly 15 days….!!”

( Raghav really could not control laughing and kept on teasing…!!”

Raghav : ” where did you meet her..?? And why did your SO called long love end….??”

Shauray :”I met her in school canteen but after 15 days she found me fat and broke up….!!”

Raghav : ” Now I say Tinky is correct as you have really become fat….!!”

Shauray : ” bhaiya…. See clearly I’m only 78 KGS…that’s it…”

Raghav : ” Ya…..Only 78….so thin buddy….!! But I’m sure from today I would not need a pillow at night….”

Shauray : ” why bro…. U have decided to sleep on couch…!!??”

Raghav : ” No…..My lil buddy I have decided to use your tummy as my pillow….!!”

(Shauray started throwing pillows at him and raghav was still teasing him. Finally they both dozed off to sleep. )

Location : At mehra mansion…

Pam , sudha , balraj and madan were sitting in the huge living room and facing Dadi. Sudha was raging with anger as Dadi has given an add in ” Around The Paris ” magazine regarding the requirement of an Indian bride for Veer.

Sudha : “We are with you in every business decisions you take Ma….. but what you have done with Veer’ s marraige is wrong . He is my son and I do care for him a lot. Let me clear you Ma that We are in no mood to bring a Indian classy bride..”

Dadi : “I agree Sudha but Veer is my grandson too…. I was sure abt your anger towards me but trust me Sudha we needa girl for veer who can make him a husband material……!! And only Indian girls can make him like that. ”

Sudha : ” There is a lot of gap between your age and Veer’s Ma…. He even don’t have a single Indian girl as his Facebook friend and I’m sure he will not agree of marrying a classy Indian girl…… I too want a modern daughter in law who can match the tastes of my son….!!”

Balraj, Pam and Madan console sudha to control her anger as the after consequences were really not good 4 them….. After some casual business talks everyone dispersed to their rooms.

Loction : Pam and sanjana’s room….

Pam : ” I hope my dear sanju knows what to do at this point of time…??”

Sanjana : ” sure…..I know what to do now maasi……. Don’t worr and let’s have a drink tonight…!!”

Location : In Naina’s room ; Monaco – Ville

It was pitch dark night with no moon nor stars. I had come to Paris only dreaming big but the stars have something else in my fortune. Questions kept on running in my mind continuously where my life was heading?? What was I upto ?? How would Ma feel if she knew that Amit has turned out be such a bast *** . To top all these that Mr. Pardesi had put an end to my job which I had all chances of winning…. I hate Mehras…..Now this new problem is Veer Mehra.

” Every good thing has come to a halt in your life Naina….” Was the last line I said to myself and dozed off into a deep sleep….

Next day Morning….
Raghav woke up to the huge snoring of shauray. He looked at the clock with his half open eyes to find out it was sharp 8 in the morning. He did his daily chores as usual…. and woke up shauree and sent him back to mansion…… He took away his car keys and collected all the files to reach his office at 9. Everything was going well in the office and as usual Veer was no where to be seen. He often comes to Office only to sign a few cheques and bills. Raghav opened his laptop and went through the files which he had the bills of the bakery ‘” The Pastrey Emporium “.He was shocked to find the bills and twitched his eyebrows to verify them again and again. He could smell something fishy over there and suddenly remembered Balraj chacha saying those bills were very important to him….. !! .He quickly collected his car keys and took the bills setting his journey towards the bakery…… Any one could notice the anger in his face…..!!

PRECAP : What was that which made Raghav that angry…??
Naina’s next step towards her life….

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