Ever Since We Met In A Foreign Land (Episode 3)

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Episode 2
Recap : Raghav nd Naina’s first meeting at airport.

Here we go with the next part….
Location : outside the airport ??..

I set out from the airport and hired a private taxi which has a board ‘ Paris Taxi Services’ . The taxi directly drove to the destination ‘ George V PARIS ‘…..All the way my eyes were glued to the window nd kept thinking “What a beautiful place it is land….!!”??. I saw soo many vibrant colours, expensive malls, food courts, roulette clubs, flower marts, pizza huts, bars nd restaurant’s. ” This city has everything to put someone high even without a drink…?? ” I thought. I soon got down booked a room ; dressed up nd thought to hang around the nearby places of Monte Carlo. Before setting out, I rung up to Zeenu nd Ma to make things went on smoothly in Mumbai….. I was elated as Ma assured they were not asked to vacate 4rm west bandra. Feeling relived; I roamed the nearby streets like a free bird stuffing every eatable I got on my way — local breaks, cup cakes, pizza, Baguette, Streal – frites, cusines, gelato nd many more…??????

Hours passed like seconds…… soo early in Paris ??….nd It was 11:47 p.m when I got bck to my hotel room. I changed to my night ware nd soon my eyes fell on the fresh bunch of Arum Lille’s ???? given by a total stranger, unknown guy……..mmm……..’a pardesi’ @ airport. I picked the Lillie’s “They smell soo good….” I had unknowingly repeated his lines….!!!. Soon I fell asleep thinking about that guy insted of Amit.

Next morning, I woke up to the sun rays and hired a local taxi. I went to Amit’s residence………. E23, Smith Street,
Burnswick, VLC 3056, versailies, Paris..
I knocked the door nd a French woman carrying a baby , opened the door. I was a bit confused.
” Is this Amit….. Amit sharma’ s house” I asked.
“Yes….!! I ‘m his wife…..” she responded. Following her came out Amit. I wad shocked to death. I just wanted the ground to crack nd pull me down…..”. My eyes welled up with tears nd fell on my cheeks. I ran out wildly from his apartment…..?????

After 3 hours of continuous crying session..;I vacated my hotel room and made sure I picked up all my stuff…, even the Lillie’s too….!!??. I was lamely walking in the streets of Monte Carlo until I was knocked down by a white BMW latest model car. I was about to shout madly at that owner but…… Stopped myself seeing the guy whom I had collided @ the airport. But ” why does this guy always collide…??” I was really angry by now.
” Such a guy need to be loved, not be shown anger at….Naina…!!!” my heart shouted.

” Sorry once again…..!! But be careful Indian girl….!! You were walking at the middle of the road that too with all these stuff….” he said.
His mentioning me as an Indian girl Irked me a bit….!!.

” Oh….Hello….!! This is not the middle of the road ‘Mr. Pardesi’. It is in fact the left extreme nd it is you who were on the wrong route….” I said to him angrily.

” Have you lost your way again…??” He asked with a smile on his face.

“No…..Not at all……..Never….!! Indian girls can find their ways on their own even in a foriegn land…..” I mocked at him.

” well I have an meeting to attend. Hope to see you soon around here, desi girl….!!. If you want any help you can use this…….” He handed his visiting card comming close to me.

He leaned forward and his face came closer to mime. I could smell his clean and musky male scent that leaped every cell of my brain. JEEZ….!! Move away Naina….., I said to myself.

” First of all…, I would not wish to see you around here….’Mr. Pardes’..!! Let me clear you that I would I also not wish to be knocked down by your car, and I dnt need your Visiting card too'” .I handed back his visiting card. Well done Naina Batra….!! I said to myself.

” well……!! That was a good offer Indeed” He said.
” Sorry 4rm my car’s side also……!! He is ‘sebastian’ , nd he wuld nt knock you down nxt time….He is kinda sweet like me….!!. Bye…….. Have a nice day…!!” He said opening the door of his car.

Saying so he drove away so swiftly @ 80’s speed in his BMW…..oh No…!! I mean he drove away in his ‘sebastian ‘ Lol…??. I smiled happily…..!! . It was my first smile on that sulken BREAK UP day. “Thank You…. Mr.Pardesi…!!” I said to myself.

suddenly I looked at his wallet which has fallen on the road…….It was black in colour made of soft velvet fabric.It had ” Indispensible..” written on it. I simply kept it in my side bag nd took out my cell phone. It had only 6% battery left. I called Rajeev bhaiya’s number but there was no response 4rm the other side. So I took up a taxi with the remaining money and drove up directly to bhaiya nd bhabhi’s house…..
#141/142 , 22nd cross
123, Magiting street,
Near saint Michel Church, Monaco -Ville

I just broke up with my EX…!!
Now I’m out here single ,
I don’t really knw what’s next…..??
This song was playing in the backround of the taxi which suited my mood. I got down nd knocked the door. I was invited by my bhabhi chanchal…. But surely she was not happy seeing me as she kept on scolding bhaiya the whole night of me being the burden on their family. I silently cried in the small room which they had given me. My bhaiya scolded 4 trusting Amit nd clearly said that U can stay only a few days here Naina the very next day. I had no money also nd so chanchal bhabhi asked me to give my only set of gold earings as rent nd food expenses. I called Zeenu nd cried badly. I asked her not to say anything to Ma as she had a bad health.

On the other side…..
Raghav was upset as dadi has scolded him for not picking up Sanjana from airport at the correct time. “It would have not happened if I had not collided with that girl…..!!” he thought. He smiled thinking about her….a broad smile….!!He suddenly remembered their today’s meeting nd checked his visiting card but found tht he has lost his wallet. Suddenly there was a knock on his outhouse door.

“Ohhh….come in sanju…,I mean sanjana..”,he said.
” How do you ever feel to live in such a small space like this……?? nd why are all these couches soo dirty…??”. she said tauntingly.
“It is….It is….. leave it sanju; shall I make u some fried eggs nd sausages…?? dadi too likes them.”,he offered her.
“ohh….No..!!Dadi likes them; I knw only old ppl eat such stuff nd……I’m on diet.U knw hw mch I’m particular with my figure…!!”,she said nd came very close to Raghav.

“what is going on here…..??”came a loud voice.
“It is nothing like what you saw…!!” Raghav replied.

PRECAP : Raghav and Naina’s 3rd meeting
whose was that loud voice??. was it dadi or someone else??

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