Ever Since We Met In A Foreign Land (Episode 2)

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Episode 1

Recap : Naina and Raghav charecter sketch. sudha and naina’s meeting.
Here we go with the second episode……

Location : In the flight to PARIS ????

“Ohh….nice mam, I have read about ‘ The Meheras ‘ as one of the greatest ruling business empire in today’s market . Even they have maintained their top position in probes too ” I said with full of excitement…

“Who is ignorant of The Mehra group of companies and their buisness wideness.
Well…!! I’m the eldest daughter in law of Mehras,sudha mehra.. ” she flaunted with pride.

I could not believe that I was traveling with one of the Mehra’s…All I said in my mind was Ma’s famous one liner… “Chalo…, acha shagun ho gaya….!!””. she was busy with her ‘Iphone 6s’.., which coasted around $300 busy in ordering some of the expensive winter Men’s coat. I thought she may be having a son…. One part of my mind kept on saying that she was indeed lucky to the daughter in law of Mehra’s.
[ Never In her wildest dream has Naina thought that she would be one of the most lovable daughter in law of Mehra’s….!! ]

“Sorry to interrupt you mam….!! Are you expanding your business in India too..??”. I asked. Anyone could sense the curiosity in my tone.

“Yaa, I had come here with my husband to crack a business deal. We have purchased the entire areas near to West Bandra… where we are planning to construct 7 multi skyscrapers which will flag our business expansion to India too….. May be soon the inhabitants near to Bandra will be noticed to vacate…!!” she said.

I was shocked to hear that last line of her’s. We had our house very near to Bandra and that was the only property which we owned after my father has passed away….. “Ah…!! I hate Mehras ” I said to myself. seeing me in such a state of utter shock she asked…

” Are you fine dear… ” she asked

” Yaa… I’m fine… I’ m fine… I’m fine. Just the take off fear…!!” I blurted like an Idiot.

Our flight finally took off from Chatrapati Shivaji Airpot ?? heading towards Paris…??. All the way I kept on thinking about Zeenu nd Ma… I asked my Bappa ( ganesha) that some miracle must happen and they were not asked to vacate the place. finally I dozed off…..???

when I woke up I was at the halfway to Paris and I decided to order some food…. I ordered a hen ?? with some mash potatoes and gravy with a slice of asparagus ??… Even I ordered some White Wine ?? to quench my thirst……JEEZ…!! again I fell asleep. It’s habit to doze off as soon as I have a something that gives happiness to my taste buds…

I woke up to the Pilot’s announcement for a “Welcome to PARIS…??”. I looked down and saw the city…; It looked soo warm and Welcoming. I bid a good bye to sudha mehra and looked her move away with her husband @ seat no 42.

Once the plane touched down, The French greeted us at the exit into the airport singing and smiling. I looked at my cellphone nd the time was 1:33 noon.

On the other side @ Monte Carlo In Paris..

Raghav has set out in his ‘sebastian’ to pick up Sanjana. He has been humming all the way one of his favourite tune :
The sun goes down…
The starts come up….
I’m glad…,I’m glad U came…!!
He felt that he is going meet someone special..;” Is it sanjana..??” he questioned himself.
His brain said’ Yes’ but his heart said ‘No’….. He stopped his sebastian @ a nearby flower store named “The Flower Cart “. He purchased a huge bunch of Arum Lillie’s ??? and said to himself…” This is first time Raghav Mehra is buying flower’s for a girl..”. On reaching the airport he made sure his sebastian is well parked and set ot to search sanjana.

He went on searching but she was nowhere to be seen. suddenly he collided with a girl who had the cutest face he had ever seen in his life. she had emerald eyes. , long eyelashes which touched her eyebrows…a long nose nd juicy lips with a long chin. She was wearing a blue kurta with white leggings nd duppata. He stood there totally spell bound by her beauty until she herself jerked him.

” What the HECK…!! dekh kar nahi chal sakte ho kya…??” she yelled at him.
How can someone look soo cute even when they are angry…. Raghav questioned himself.

He finally helped her in picking up her stuff which were really heavy and said
“I’m sorry…. Be careful. Please take these Lille’s…??? They smell soo good. I think it’s first time you have come here…. So “Welcome To Paris” ??” He said handing over the Lille’s to Naina… Naina Batra….!!

Before she can respond he went away hurriedly, probably searching someone…!! she carried her stuff and hired a taxi to go to her destination.

PRECAP : Where did Naina go??
Will Naina and Raghav meet again…??

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  1. nice …i liked it….precap seems intrstng plz update fast….?

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      ur comments mean a lot..
      will update next part soon…

  2. er nivu it was really so cute.plzzz continue and don’t think about comments I am sure many client readers like your ff.

  3. I mean silent sorry mistake er.best of luck.

    1. Nivu99

      Tq diya dear….
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  4. Neha_001

    Hey Nivu.
    It’s so lovely. I must say, you write so well.
    Excited for the next episodes.! Hoping to see ’em soon.
    Keep writing dear?

    1. Nivu99

      Tq soooo mch 4 u r comment dear..
      I’ll post soon nd make sure there r more raina scenes…

  5. Wow I liked this episode especially Raina’s first meeting scene. ?

    1. Nivu99

      Tq riya dear 4 ur lovely commen….
      I’m happy tht u liked it…
      ill post nxt part soon…

  6. Jasminerahul

    so sudha is d eldest DIL of mehras.Raina meeting was lovely.Raghav offered flowers n just left even b4 naina cud talk.waiting 4 a proper conversation

  7. Jasminerahul

    i liked raghav finding naina cute in anger

    1. Nivu99

      Tq so sooo sooooo mch 4 the comment jas…
      luv u loads nd happy rose day nd propose day…..❤❤

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