Ever Since We Met In A Foreign Land (Episode 1)

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Here we go with the first episode…

Location : Mumbai,India. ??

A car is seen moving…?
You’re the light, You’re the night
You’re the colour of my blood…
You’re the cure,You’re the pain
You’re the only thing I wanna touch…!!
“where r we going…??” I asked
“Its a surprise..,sweet heart…” Amit replied
The car suddenly came to a halt near a building still under construction.
“Are you sure we r at the right place, amit…??” I asked with an air of fear and excitement
“Its just 4 steps Naina…” he replied…

Suddenly I opeaned my eyes to see the best surprise of my life.
OMG….!! was all I could say…
“This is our home…. our sweet home in Paris…!! Everything is built how you have planned it sweet heart….” Amit said
He went on explaining our sweet house and all I kept on seeing was the excitement on his face, just like a small kid who had won a hamper of chocolates and brownies on a christmas eve….????

I had a broad smile on my face….But suddenly I could hear some shouting in the backfmground. Even somebody was shaking me vigorously.. I woke up with a sudden Jerk…..
” Ohhhh…. Shit….!! It was a dream..”
None can wake me up like this except my sis Zeenu..
I got up nd went straight near mirror. Still I could see the redness of the blush on my cheek.
“Why r u blushing and smiling di…?? Did he come again in your dreams…??. zeenu interrupted me.

” Yaa Zeenu…. and guess what ….. No Surprise…!! as usual you sent away my prince charming at the correct time…!! You are indeed very good at maintaining time…!!” I mocked at her smilingly..
“Ohh di… Don’t feel bad, He will come again the next morning. ” she giggled.
Even my mother joined with her. JEEZ….. These 2 never a chance to tease me I thought.
“That’s not the point zeenu.., Today he was showing our dream house in Paris…!!” I exclaimed
“ohh…. really di…!! How big was your house..?? How many rooms it had …?? Was there a huge lounge ..??” she kept on asking questions…
I cut her right there saying….”Yaa…..I too think evrything was there.. but before I could see clearly…somebody spoiled my dream..!! ”
She came running to say… “Again blushing di..??” nd srarted tickling. We both continued to tickle each other nd laugh out our lungs until Ma ordered both of us to get ready 4 breakfast… I like the way Zeenu laughs whenever I tickle her…. so innocent nd lovely.

Having breakfast… We discussed about almost everything.., right 4rm Mumbai’s heavy rain to our newly shifted neighbour… We all had a hearty laugh… suddenly I realised there was a few days I would leave them to go to Paris.
“These are the moments I miss the most in Paris…!!” I said.
“Ohh….di, don’t become senti now…” zeenu added. But she had become more senti than me right then.
We 3 had a group hug…..” I hope you get your prince charming very soon….” my mother said.

Scene shifts to PARIS….

A big bunglow is shown…,?? Ohhh….!! it was not a bunglow.. A huge Mansion with the name …INDU MEHRA…!!
The mansion has expensive leather couches and chairs…. with unique table design..; . There were many book sheves.., rooms and a glass cabinet full of costly antique pieces…. There was a large glass window that viewed the skyscrapers of entire city of PARIS….
There was a small outhouse behind the mansion. A Younge guy probabbly of 22 years is seen setting his wet hair. He quickly scanned the fridge and drank his morning protein shake. He toasted some bread.., and fried eggs and the saussages. He was expert in everything he did.

Guess who is it…??
Yes….., He is Raghav… Raghav Mehra., one who looks the entire buisness of the mehras… . He set out in his favourite car whom he sweetly called as ‘ Sebastian ‘ . and proceed towards the mansion.

” Good morning dadi… Did you have your breakfast and tablets..??” he asked in concern.
“Yaa Raghav……. Leave that 4 now. Today you have a Important work beta….” said a feeble voice. She is Indu Mehra. Raghav’s granny who meant the world to him.
“Say it dadi….. Anything 4 u…” Raghav said.
“Today you need to pick up u r parmeshwari (pam) chachi’s sister daughter sanjana… She is comming all the way from Triol today by noon 2’O clock. I wish you go to airport today to pick her. ” dadi said.

Hearing Saanjana’s name made Raghav feel happy. He had a crush on her at a small age when she used to come 4 the holidays…. But it was a 10 years gap he had not seen her.
“How will I recognise her dadi…??” Raghav asked.
“Ohh beta….!! I’ll send her photo and make sure she reaches safely…” dadi said.
“don’t worry dadi, she ill come here safely..”he assured dadi.

Scene Shifts again to Mumbai,, Naina’s home.
“Naina, have you packed everything..??. Take your sweater, water bottle, and be careful of your purse and luggage.” Ma said.
“Okay Ma…How many times will you asure. Your blessings are enough 4 me. I miss you mom. The taxi wala has come. Zeenu…,read well and help mom. Take care of mom’s health. Eat less chocolates.. I’ll send you money mom… nd I”ll be back soon .Take tablets regularly nd don’t worry about me maa….I”ll stay with Rageev bhaiya’s house. ” I said hiding my tears.

“Bye Naina..,,Bye Naina…” I could hear it a long way…
Tears rolled down my eyes. Finally I reached mumbai’s airport and I did all the formalities. I got accomadated in my seat 29… I was too nervous.. A women sat beside me, who was 10 times more nervous than me. she gave a friendly smile.
” hello beta …. ” she said.
Hello aunty…!! I’m Naina…Naina Batra….” I blurted.
“I’m sudha…, I’m going to paris to meet Mehras…” she said

PRECAP : Sudha’s real identity and
Raghav and naina’s first meeting.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    good that zeenu spoiled naina’s dream.Naina shud’nt dream about Amit at all.Nice intro of Raghav.raghav dadi scene was nice.Here too raghav has crush on Sanjana.Oh.Sudha sitting besides naina in the airport.eager to know how she is related to Mehras.waiting 4 raina meeting

  2. Jasminerahul

    4 a change d story happens in Paris.cool

    1. Nivu99

      Tq dear jasmine….
      ur comments mean a lot
      tq 4 ur support nd luv u loads..

  3. OMG FOR THE FIRST time i am seeing a fanfiction in first person well done!

    1. Nivu99

      Tq loads dear…….
      it means a lot 2 me dear….
      please keep reading nd comment dear

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