Did She Ever Loved Me!!? A SwaSan story (Episode 1)

Swara.A chirpy and bubbly girl with the brightest of smiles.Her family,Her loved ones,Her friends and Love is most important for her but unfortunately her feelings are never considered important.Her family think of her just as a burden as she is not their real daughter but she choose to accept as it comes.She thinks that one day or the other they will also value her and their family will be happily ever after just like some fairytales!! But she forgot that life is not a fairytale but is a reality.. Heartbroken, Helpless and having no place to go..She understood that life is not just about love..but it is far beyond than that..she learned one thing that day that this whole world revolves around a single word “Money”. A horrible incident compelled to change her..her life completely until he entered her life…

Sanskar.A charming smile is always seen present on his face. Despite being the CEO of a multinational company rudeness or arrogance never became part of his nature.He considers everyone as his friend.Humor and Fun are like part of his blood..Never thinks wrong about anyone but never spares anyone who try to defame him or his loved ones.. He thinks that life run around just a single thing that is Love and after that it is friends..He is a darling son of his Mother,Pride of his father and a naughty brother for his only sister..he considers his friends as a part of his family.. Just because of his jovial nature..he is loved by everyone.Everything was going smooth until his gaze caught the sight of her and he got stumped on the very place..

Love makes the world go around,but money buys the tickets.Maybe,love lasts a lifetime.Money lasts longer.It pays for the funeral too..

Join Swara and Sanskar in their journey of True Friendship.. Ugly Arguments..Deep Misunderstandings..Never Ending Trust.. Undying love.. Heartbreaking seperation and last but not the least .. definitely not the least…”Money”.

Well Guys this is the first story I am going to write so who ever read my story then please don’t be a silent reader..I am new here so I want all the support I can get..So do comment..
Be blessed
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  1. nice continue

  2. Nice..continue soon..tc..

  3. Samaira_khan

    Nice new concept continue soon

  4. AbrahamEzra

    It’s quite interesting dear. Plss continue soon

  5. Pnap

    seems to be interesting
    plzzz continue

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  8. awesome
    update soon

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    Do continue dear.

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    Interesting dear.. Continue ?

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    Seems interesting.. Plz do continue.. n update soon…
    Stay Blessed…

  13. Swarna01

    Are u writer of d love will set the thing right in fb?

  14. Neptune

    hey ruhi first of all welcome to SWASAN family dear… its too good to meet another swasanian just like all of us….
    well same pinch in the other case too…
    i am a crazy MSDIAN…….

    the concepts looks really interesting..
    please do continue dear..
    would really love to read further

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