Hello everyone after a long sleep iam taking this story again..i think you all havent forget it..i make you all wait so sorry for that as dealing 6 ff at a time is not good..more than that 3 stories are still in my mind telling me to write its big risk right so  i thought to complete ongoing stories..so back to fb to knew what happened in thier life…

Screen shifted to college its arts festival going on …abhi along with purab is coming to college…

Pu;abhi..you go and register your name for items i will be back..abhi   takes his headset and started to hear music and walks through corridor..suddenly bashed with a girl…


Pr;you abhi…

Ab;what you said..your stupid chashma have extra power right..but look you cant even see the person next to you with it then how can you see all this..

Pr;you idiot..where is your eyes..i have no time to talk with you now and gets up and leaves..

Abhi enters the venue of his guitar competition. He sees pragya there..

Ab;look again she did fashion show….

Guitar competition starts..abhis chest number is first after finishing his competition he left to singing competition venue..again he get a shock there..there he sees pragya with chashma..

Purab taps abhis shoulder..

Pu;hello man where are you..

Ab;nothing yaar..

Pu;how is guitar competition

Ab;not bad..purab noticed abhis gaze was on a girl..

Pu;abhi why are you  looking at that girl..

Ab;purab she is pragya..purab starts to laugh..hey why are you laughing..

Pu;so this is the girl which make you fool na..

Ab,wait i will show you what i will do..look she is competing with me i will make her fall ..

Pu;that i knew my abhi will win first in everything which he participate..

After sometime..
All competition ends and its time for result..abhi and purab are waiting near auditorium..

Anchor;here..we are going to declare the result of our arts day…the competitions was very tight..so that judges has to suffer alot..tight competition happened in case of guitar and music..

Pu;abhi you dont worry..only you will win..

Abhi smiles..

An;so here is the result of music competition first prize is shared by 2..abhishek prem mehra and pragya arora..

Abhi look at pragya ..both climbed up to stage and collect gift..

An;the result of guitar competition..this too shared by 2 people one is abhishek prem mehra and priya arora..abhi again climbed to stage..and it was that time abhi sees priya and pragya together..

Ab (in mind); what they are twins ..exact copies of each other …it was that time abhi recollect all incidents happen before…

They collected prizes and moves out…

Abhi meet with pragya..
Hey chashmish cant you say you are twins..

Pr;there is no need of saying so..

Ab;what if i mistakenly love her thinking you then..


Abhi moves forward and pinned pragya to wall and just give kiss on her cheeks which make pragya in shock..

Ab;if i did the same with priya then it wont be a great trouble right…and goes away…

Pragya look there shocked…

Pr;how can he do like this..what he thought about himself…if i was ..and place her hands on cheek..

Priya reached there..

Pri;pragya ..what are you doing there.come lets go home…pragya ,bulbul and priya leaves while going she sees abhi and purab standing at the gate and looking at her..she look at him as an angry bird..but  in reply he give an eyesight on her…

Fb ends..

Pragya came back to present by bulbuls call…

Bul;di..what happened to you..are you not happy for this..

Pu;you must happy na..you give me full freedom na…then…

Pr;nothing…iam coming…

Episode ends…


Abhi…sorry i thought you are…just forgive me abhi..i dont knew ..you are..abhi..dont do this marraige…still i love you abhi..i love you….

Di…its too late …he cant move back from this decision..look then what will be the fate of her bride..

Darling..iam here na…

You just shut up you idiot…


Abhi…please forgive me..please..

Sorry guys..this is too small..actually i tried alot but cant make it soon will try..

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    So much confusions waiting to clear tat loved it love u?????

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    Simple nd nice…..

  4. So much confusions and waiting to clear it and this is lovely.

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