Why he is hurting me this way..why all bad things happened around me..what is the fate of my life…before few years happiness is everywhere..but now..

Pragya goes to her fb…

Its morning…some one moves curtain slowly..sun light enters through that gap and falls on two beautiful face…

Maa..i have told you na..today i have no college then why are you waking us…

Priya dont advice this maa.she is always irritating…

Yes di..you both are correct…

Ohoo..so all you three are against me right…

Ha..ofcourse…priya moves and hugs sarla..maa..we are always with you and loves you..hey na sweetie and my cutie..(actually sweetie is pragyas pet name called by priya and cutie is bulbuls pet name called by priya)..they all hugs ..

Sa;k..go and get ready fast as we want to go to a place..


Sa;thats suspence..so quick..

Pr : this maa is always a dramebaaz and giggles..

After sometime trio get ready..

Bul;maa..we all are ready now tell us where are we going…

Sa;car came..lets go..they get in car..

Bul;di..did you have any idea..

Pr; no bulbul.may be priya knew..

Bul;didi wont tell ..she is maas pyaari beti hey na..

Hearing their talk..

Pri;bulbul..i too dont knew …

Sa;we reached…the car get stopped in a large mansion..which names..mehra mansion..

They enters..sarla press the bell..

A person opens..and make there sit inside..

Sa:where is dadi..

She will come soon mam..

Bul;di..look is this house..or..i have seen such a big ones only on filims..

Pr;yes ..you are right bulbul..

Pri;hey sweetie cutiee..chup karo..
They both make a pout face..

Dadi came….and hugs sarla..

Bul;di.whats going on there..melodrama..oh no…it was that time dadi noticed 3 girls…she look at priya and pragya..

Priya arora

Pragya arora

Da:so this is pragya..and that is priya right…they both are amused as how can this dadi who havent seen them identify much easily…

Bul;dadi you are amazing you spot them correctly..

Da;as this by their chashma i spot them ..otherwise i too cant..

Bul;but hoe you knee this chashma difference..

Sar;dadi..dont mistake her..she is chatter box will always talk like this..bulbul its me who told that..

Bul;k .one more doubt..who is this dadi..i mean how we all connect..

Da,that i will explain…bulbul..your dad works in our company..and your dad and my son and my bahu dead in same accident…

All get sad..

Bul,k…one more doubt..

Pri;will you stop..

Da;no priya..she can ask..

Bul;how you both meet all of sudden.

Sa;bulbul tum bi na…we met at temple after this much years..

Bul;that means now get together happens right…

Pr;no get together bulbul..its family meeting..and continue to blabber whatever comes in mind..

Pri;sorry dadi..they all are always like this..

Da;dont be sorry…they both are too innocent…Sarala you are right.priya is not as like her age..she talks with matured way..

Bulbul and pragya started to roam around the house while priya ..sarla and dadi continue their talks…

Pragya get inside a room..

Pr,wow..is this a room..what a room..i think this room is big as my house…she sits in the bed and look around .it was that time she noticed one thing through balcony..someone is trying to stepinside with help of ladder…

Oh my god..theif..as this dadi is alone..they thought to loot her..no ..she hides near a wall which is the wall of balcony entrance..

The person who is landing on balcony none otherthan our abhi..he too see someone in his room and feels the same..pragya as theif…abhi too hides opposite side of the wall to catch the theif..pragya takes the guitar which is near to her to bash it on his head..abhi who sees this..pulls her towards him..by pulling her hands..such that pragyas head hit on his chest..abhi couldnt see pragyas face as  the shawl covers her face..he slowly take it and stunned by seeing her eyes..as a feeling that he was waiting for such an eyes …both share an eyelock…as she came into sense , pragya tried to shout..he close her mouth with his hand..

Ab;nowadays..goodlooking girls become theif..

Pragya tries to say something but didnt tell  because his hands..she did actions to take that hands..

Ab;what..what are you..pragya forcefully taken his hand..

Pr;iam theif..its you who enter the room as theif…

Ab;if this is my room i can enter any way..

Pr;ya if this is your room you can but its not yours na..

Ab;what i didnt get that..

Suddenly dadi opens the door..

Da;what happen why i hear someone shouting..pragya beti kya hua..


Da;haaa..i told you na..sarla and her childrens..

Ab;haa..hello pragya..and forward hand..pragya gives her hand too..

Da;abhi..come down fast …

Ab;ji dadi..dadi leaves..so you are pragya right..

Pr,haa..do you have any problem with that..

Ab;haa..actually that name didnt suits you.its better if it is chashmish..


Ab;haa..those witg chashma simply chashmish…

Abhi sees pragya holding his guitar too tightly in anger..hey chashmish..my guitar will get breaken with your anger..its my favourite..
She place that at bed..

Ab;k..what you are doing in my room..

Pr;iam just looking…k tell me why are you entering your room in such a way..

Ab;just for a fun..


Abhi again holds her mouth..

Ab;why are you calling dadi now..

Pr;dadi..too knew na his grandsons fun is like this..

Ab;do you think you are smarter than me..


Ab;is this your way to talk with people..

Pr;is this your way to behave with girls..pulling them close to you..closing their mouth with your hands..

Ab;look chashmish..i have no time to waste my time with talking with such a persons and leaves to washroom..

Pr;what .i will show him..

After sometime..abhi  moves out of his room and sees someone near her music room..he walks in that direction and sees pragya playing his guitar…

As seeing abhi..she gets up and tried to moves out..but abhi blocks her.

Ab;what are you doing here..how can you take my guitat without my will…oh you change your dress too..where is your chashma..ohoo you take that as i will tease you..hello why you end your nonstop bak bak..

Without telling anything she leaves..

Ab;ajeeb ladki..and moves..while stepping down he sees pragya at other end of that floor..

Abhi moves towards there..

Ab; hey chashmish did you study any blackmagic..its now you go down..and now standing here..again on same dress

Pr (in mind); what he is blabbering..ohho may be he have seen priya earlier..

Ab,hey why are you silent

Pr,ha..i have studied black magic..do you knew one thing you call me chashmish right..this chashma has some powers..

Ab;powers ..what powers..

Pr;actually i can see you with this chashma.

Ab;usually everyone can see me like this..

Pr;not like that..i can see you as naked..

Ab ; what..

Pr;haa..you are really too handsome..s*xy..and …

Abhi started to get nervous..

Ab,chashmish dont fool me..

Pr;you are too s*xy..and rolls her eyes at him..abhi moves to near by Room and hides behind the door..only his head is out..

Pr;why are you hiding there..come out..let me see you and enjoy..

Ab;actually i didnt bath well..so take one more bath and come..close the door..

Pragya started to laugh loud..


Sa:now we are leaving dadi…

Da: wait let me call abhi..abhi..abhi..

Abhi hearing this voice..oh god why this dadi calling me now..hoe can i come down…if her words are right then …no i cant..

Abhi ..abhi..

Pr;dadi..i dont think he will come down..

Da; why..

Pr;he is at his washroom..as iam coming down i told that we are leaving..
Sar; we will meet him next time..as we need to go now..

Da;k..and leaves..

Abhi who finds that they has gone comes down..

Da;do you knew they are waiting for see you..

Ab;if she me then..

Da;what ??

Ab;nothing and leaves…

Abhi..what she is priya..she is pragya na..now na she get award ..then why are giving her award by calling as priya name..

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