Ab; fuggi..i knew how to get you back…i need you badly..i can’t live without you..

Screen shifted to pragyas house..

Pr;what I did..i agreed for MARRAIGE.. .how can I do this…thinking about him and marrying someone else…why I still think about him.. who is the reason of loses in my life..
With all thoughts she dozed off..
Pragya wakes up hearing the sound..

Pr;what’s going on here.. bulbul..

Pu;di..its your engagement function..

Pr;What engangement..

Pu;why are you giving shocking expression di..i told about it n.a… you say that I can choose your groom

Pr;haa.. but all of the sudden..

Pu; di..how can I believe you..you will change your decision soon..

Pr;but how you find groom at this short notice..

Pu;di..actually groom is choosen one month …

Pr;what one month..

Pu;ya just waiting for your yes..

Roshini comes..mumma …this is the dress for you ..get ready soon I need to see my new papa..

Bul;di..go and get ready soon ..soon they will reach here..

Pragya gets inside…whats all this..i   say yes …which doesn’t mean I will get married tomorrow itself ..what they think about themselves ..iam older than them but they are ordering me..

Bul;di…did your scolding over..then go and get ready..

Ro;mamma..dont act as kid get ready fast..

Pr; k madam..

Pragya gets ready..and comes outside..

Bulbul and roshini make her sit in one of the chair which is kept on stage..roshini sits in her lap..

Bul;purab ..why are they this much late.. .

Pu;let me call..and take phone and sees them.they came..

Pragya raise her head look in the direction of door..what is this is he is my groom …how can they choose him…

Abhi come to stage..
Ab;congrats pragya…wish you a successful life ahead…

Pragya look shocked..

Bul;arey purab..why are you not bringing my jiju…

Pur;Vijay why are you standing there..actually  vijay is talking with some guest..

Abhi make him sit near pragya..

Pragya look at abhi in anger…

Ab; roshini …give this ring to your mumma…

Abhi hands over a ring..pragya takes that ring and look at abhi…teary eyed…

Fb shows…
Fuggi..today iam so happy…its all because of you…my lifes best thing is you..you are my lucky charm..do you without you iam nothing…

Bas..bas karo…stop praizing me..i may be feel like iam a god …

Ofcourse you are…so there is gift to god…

Always god gift us na..but here you are giving .

You are too naughty fuggi..

Haa that i knew..

Ohoo do you knew everything…

Haa…i knew..

K then tell me what is going on mind..

Pragya blushes…hey fuggi why are you blushing this much..

You are too cheap abhi…

Cheap ..me..ohoo then tell me what iam thinking…

No i cant …

If you cant then i will do it..

No.no..you are thinking about a kiss..

From whom.

Ofcourse me na..

Then give me..

No i cant…

My sweet fuggi hey na..and wink at her..

Abhi..this is again cheating you knew very well as  when you make such a face..i will simply accept…

Abhi smiles..pragya gave kiss on his  cheeks..and smiles…

Wow..that was nice kiss..so there is a return gift..

Dont widen your eyes fuggi..its not the gift you think..and take ring from his pocket..and take her hands and make her wear…

Fuggi..this is my sign of love on you..dont ever separate it from you …

Pragya removes her ring and make it wear on abhis hand…
Abhi..you too kabhi bhi..dont remove it…its our symbol of love..if you remove it which means our love too end…abhi placed his hand over her mouth…

Dont ever tell that words…we will love like this forever..

Fb ends..

Roshini:mamma…take this what  are  you thinking..

Pragya take it ..and look at abhi..

Ab;so vijay this ring is for you..

Vi;thanks abhi..

Ab;its my pleasure and smriks at pragya..

Bul;di its time for engangement ..so lets start ..

Vijay make pragya wear the ring and pragya too …and look at abhi..

What the hell …he is smiling dont he have any feelings..how can he remove that ring..dont he knew how much important is that ring…

I knew  that fuggi..i knew everything…and  smiles..

Ab;i think …to make this function too beautiful lets the couples dance na..

Pu;ya thats right..

Purab make vijay and pragya stand..

Music 0n..light focus on them..pragya is continously looking at abhi..but abhi didnt look at her…vijay is dancing too romantically..his closiness disturbs pragya .she excuses herself and goes…

After sometimes…

Screen shifted to a side of a hall…

Pragya is looking all over abhi..abhi is drinking …

Pr;he is enjoying …she fumes and reached near abhi…

Abhi….why are you here…???

What a question fuggi ..its my right to be here…


Oh my dumbo fuggi…iam your ex-lover na..so i must see you getting enganged to someone with my own eyes..only then na..i can become devadas…with drunken bottle at one hand..long hair and mustache..and walking through road by singing songs…ha..ha..and one thing to ..i want to knew is he is better than me..

Abhi…its my life …what he is ?how he is only affects me ..not you..

Of course baby it will affect me too.if you get worser person than me ..iam happy  that you will understand my value..if he is gooder than me it will make me sad na..

Abhi…Is this a joke for you..

Ha..ofcourse.everything in my life is a joke..in that our love is the greatest joke..

Abhi take a peg and have it..

You do anything..i dont care…and leaves…but abhi holds her wrist and make her sit in chair..and come close to her..

You dont care…


Then why your heart is beating fastly as before..which means my closeness still have an effect in you..

No…because you are nothing to me now..

Are you sure..??


K lets watch …abhi  came too closer to her..his hot breathe is touching her body..which make her uncomfortable…

Pragya pushed him..he falls down..

I knew you always did this..whenever i tried to be close to you..you make away from you..why are you doing it again and again fuggi…dont you have no feelings for me…

Pragya get teared …

Can i ask you one question…as may  be i wouldnt such one…

Did you ever love me..???

No need of that answer..i knew what your answer too…congrats..go ahead in your life..dumbo fuggi…

Episode ends…

Precap:my first step get good result..now its time for second step..fuggi soon i will make you mine..


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