Where Ever you go, I’ll be there!!!


Without any more explanation, I start it, and as it will go further things would get clear.

Sona, entered into the house, she looked around and found Dev, working on his laptop. He looked dashing in his attire and a black framed glasses.

Dev turned his eyes and found her smiling, he smiled too, and pointed to come in and have a seat near him. She walked in and sat on the sofa, next to him.
“I just thought about you, when I had a look at the 1-5-2016 in my mobile. It’s new month, and look, you came with ‘rasgullas’ just made by you with your hands.” taking off his glasses, and looking at the box in her hand, he said.

Sona gave a sweet smile and said, “I feel good, when you like them. And that’s what inspires me to come here every month!”
Ishwari came there and says, “Oh! You came!” She smiled, “yes, and look what I have brought, but you can only have a smallest bite of it” she ordered. And Ishwari nodded.

Ishwari took the box, opened it and took the smallest bite of white, spongy, shinning, sugary, and round-big rasgullas. “I wait every month, to have this little bite. But, you have progressed a lot. What you made first time was not sweet, but now it has become perfect.” she commented. Sona thanked for liking it. Dev took one of it and placed it whole, in his mouth. Ishwari took the box, and walked towards kitchen to store it in the fridge.

“So?” Sona said.
Dev finished his chewing and asked, “So?”

“What you have decided, then” Sona asked.
“Look, I feel bad for you and I am regretting for it too. Situations were such, and they thought that you are troubling. Ma, told me to keep you away of all this by doing such. I am telling you the truth. And I hope, you can understand my situation and why I asked you to leave this job.” Dev explained to her.

“Every time! Every time I come here and get such reasons. I know, what had happened suddenly, but then, what you have decided further. Or else, you are going to continue these reasonings every time? The purpose behind firing me out is yet not fulfilled!” Sona asked

“Hmm…” he agreed and resumed his work.
“Dev! It’s last month, and you know what I feel? I feel that your work matters more. With the realization that, you are having enough time, you actually ignored the crucial matter. But now, it’s end! Next month she will come, and will ask you about your decision.” Sona said
“Like you do!” Dev replied. He continued, “But the truth is, I have not decided yet. I love to ignore it.”

“Hmm… now?” Sona firmly asked.
“Now, I don’t know. You tell me? What you would have done, how you would have known your feelings? I am ignoring it, as I am yet not ready!” He replied.
“But then, next month, they will ask you to take the last decision. And at that time, having your mind blotted out, you will make a stupid decision, and will regret later. Now it’s time to speed up, and think deeply on it. After all it’s about your life!” Sona explained.
“I know!” he looked at her. “Now? I am in trouble.” He continued

But Sona tried to make him comfortable, “Look, take a break! I know your work is everything! But then, you need a break. And make sure that you go alone, no one else. This will help you to know what your heart says.”
“So you suggest me to give myself some time” Dev asked and Sona nods.

Dev again asked, “Then, where I should go?”
“At some peaceful place. Take trip of few days, to some place, near to nature. You will get a great change, I feel” Sona said.

“I will see” He said.
“Fine” she stood up to leave. Dev got up too. “I may leave now, I need to see my client. But I hope that you get perfectly settled soon!!” Sona said.
“Next time, when you will come, then much would have changed.” Dev said looking at her.
“Yes! Change is only the rule!!” she turned, little sad, and wished that this month never ends, even if she don’t get to see Dev ever after…..

Credit to: Shivangi

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