Where Ever you go, I’ll be there!!! (Episode 2)

Hi! Friends…

Last time it was fun to make you confused. But it’s just a starting and you see, to keep everyone curious, to know about the story further and take it long with you all, is just awesome. And this things pays…

But then, friends! It’s not a rocket science!!! It’s that simple and sweet as if just made for you. And every time, I bet that you will end with a sweet yet silly smile.

As you saw last time, it seemed like some love triangle, and every stories on our channels have always got love triangles. And if it’s more silly that they even make love squares with opposite pairs. It seemed that next month someone is going to come again, isn’t it? And sadly, Sona was fired out from the job of Dev, maybe because of that unknown person. Now, let us start……

In the dark room, with little dim lights, Dev was about to sleep. And usually, when we go to bed, we can not have a sleep at a time. As if our beds have got some powers!! It makes us thoughtful, when we jump on it. Similarly, Dev was on the bed, in some deep thinkings of past days.


Those were among usual days, Sona was working as a nutritionist, of Ishwari. Days were passing beautifully with some sweet and sour moments of Sona-Dev/Devakshi, and were about to crack the mystery that, they are falling in love with each other but suddenly, a storm entered to separate them, one morning.

She came in the house, and Dev greeted her warmly. Ishwari, Neha, and all others came there, to greet her. Sona was watching their interactions, especially of Dev, from there, surprisingly.

She was Shanaya! A fashion designer. Dev and Shanaya were together in school and were close friends indeed. But she went to another city for her fashion designing course. And yes! She returned today, and came to meet Dev and Ishwari.

Dev: Hi! Welcome back! You came very late.
Shanaya: Oh! Is It? (she laughed)
Ishwari: come and have a seat.

Shanaya belonged to a middle classed family, but then her designs were sold at high prices and she made her family financial stronger than earlier. And they all were proud to have a such daughter.

Dev: You are very intelligent lady. At last your hard work gave you the desired fruits! So what are you planning for next? Some big business here?
Shanaya: Hmm! A Business man can better know the reason of returning back! Yes, I am looking out for that. But….
Dev: But??

She didn’t replied rather. Stood up, and took a plush box from the table, which she had brought in. There were few more such boxes on the table. She handed it to Dev, then went back to took another and walked near to Ishwari to gift her with a smile. Then she gave other boxes to the sisters with a dairy milk each.

Dev opened it and found out a dashingly and raffish black shirt, minutely stitched. It seemed that he loved it. And he knew at once that it was made by her. “Thanks for putting great efforts. It’s awesome!” he added.

Suddenly Shanaya found Sona at the back.
Shanaya: Who’s she?? new member in the house? That means, your wife, Dev. You didn’t called me.

She was trying to know, as it was her old habit. Which she got in her high school days. Whenever she used to find any girl with Dev, there used to be such questions from her side.

Not a bad idea, if he blushed then there is something which was needed to be cured anyhow for her. And God showed mercy on her, as until now he never blushed at those questions. She expected such answers this time too….

Now I will tell you the reactions of Dev, but not today.

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I need some appreciation and reviews from your side…..

Another thing, 5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day. So, as if it is a holy day, do take a pledge of keeping your city clean. Grow trees, don’t throw waste here and there. And most important, every small creature matters on this land.

Tomorrow, I am going to make a bird feeder from ice cream sticks, for birds in these hot days.

So, do share your ideas too, here for, how you are going to make this day useful and memorable for you too. And it’s Sunday, so don’t make any reasons, and have fun.

I will be waiting for your ideas too eagerly…..

Thanks a lot!!!

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    1. mine is the first comment wow eagerly waiting for the next episode i.e. Dev’s reaction.

      1. Thanks a lot for loving it

  1. u r amazing! with amazing writting skills .i just loved the episode

  2. u should make it more clear not to be rude but if this was a video i would have gotten the story better but since you are writing it you should proof read it to see if it makes sense don’t get offended or mad just an opinion.

    1. Thanks dear Alisha, I will take care of it, for sure.

  3. Your english is splendid..but is sometimes beyond our understanding..hehe

  4. Lovely episode

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