Even I want to be loved – A Shivika FF (Charater sketch/ Promo)

Singhania family:

Annika Singhania: Bubbly and friendly person. Very sensitive. Not close to her parents at all for a certain reason. Very close to her brother and sister-in-law. Owns a dance studio.

Omkara Singhania: Very close to her younger sister. Raised her with love and care she never got from their parents. Hates his parents. Married to Gauri and loves her a lot. Owns an art studio.

Gauri Singhania: Daughter-in-law of Singhania family. Loves Omkara and is very protective about Annika, just like Omkara.

Tej Singhania: Doesn’t focus on family. One of the top businessmen in India. Either is fighting with Jhanvi or trying to be the better businessman than her.

Jhanvi Singhania: Owns her own business. Either is fighting with Tej or trying to be the better businesswoman than him.

Oberoi family:

Shivaay Singh Oberoi: Businessman. People see him as arrogant and rude, but in reality very caring. Has a younger brother and sister. Is really close to his parents and Dadi.

Rudra Singh Oberoi: younger brother of Shivaay. Fitness freak. Has a girlfriend named Bhavya.

Priyanka Singh Oberoi: younger sister of Shivaay. Best friend is Ranveer and has a crush on him.

Pinky Singh Oberoi: Mother of Shivaay. Wants Shivaay to find love and is happy with his decisions.

Shakti Singh Oberoi: Father of Shivaay. Businessman but loves his son.

A man’s car breaks down in the middle of the road. A girl sees this and helps him out. Girl wants a favor from him.
So how was it? Interesting? I’m going to be writing this and ‘Everything changes….’ First chapter will be updated in a couple of days. I want to know what you think of this story.


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    Interesting plot dear.

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    Do continue

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    Interesting start. Continue soon…

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      Will update in a couple of days ?

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    post asap…… dear

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      Will update in a couple of days ?

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