Even I want to be loved – A Shivika FF (Chapter 1)

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A girl is shown sleeping in a big room of a mansion with her teddy bear. Her sleep gets disturbed by the sun rays coming from her window. She wakes up and recalls last night when she closed her windows. She then realizes who could have opened her window. This is Annika.

Annika got out of bed and got ready. She wore a casual dress and a cardigan on top of it. After touching up her hair and makeup, Annika went downstairs, where her brother and sister-in-law were waiting for her.

“Bhaiya.” Annika went over to Om and playfully punched his arm. “Why did you open my window? You ruined my sleep.” She pouted like a cute baby.

“Sorry, Baba. What could I do? I didn’t want to come and wake you up myself ’cause then I would have felt bad so I opened your window.” Annika was still angry.

“Oh. So now you’re not talking to me. That’s fine I know what will make you talk.” Om said and signaled Gauri to get something. Then in front of Annika’s eyes lied a plate of Nutella pancakes, Annika’s favorite. Her mouth watered but she was still angry.

“Annika. Why are you so stubborn? Please eat. Look. These pancakes are so sad now. They think you don’t love them.” Gauri was trying to convince Annika to eat them like an adult convincing a child. Annika’s stomach gave in.

“Fine. I forgive you.” She took the plate in front of her and went towards the dining room. The moment she sat down she started devouring the pancakes.

“Bhaiya, I’ll take Champa today. I need to give it to Bhavya and I’ll just walk to the dance studio. It’s not that far from the auto repair anyways.” Annika spoke while eating.

Om chuckled at her child-like antics. “Are you sure? I’m going to drop Gauri off at the studio.”

“I’m sure.” All of a sudden shouting could be heard throughout the whole house. The shouting that makes Annika feel small. Even though she tried not to show her fear, it was visible on her face.

“Are you ok Annika?” Gauri’s voice broke her trance. She looked over and just nodded. She looked at her plate which was empty and went over to the kitchen to wash her plate. When she came back, Om and Gauri were still there.

“Bhaiya, I’ll go now. I have to go meet Bhavya and I don’t want to be late to the studio.” Om put his two hands on her shoulders.

“Are you better?” She was calmed down a bit but fear still lingered in her. Om knew her too well and pulled her in a hug. This is just what she needed. After a while Om pulled away knowing she was all better. Annika said bye and went to her scooty and drove her way to the repair shop.

While driving Annika saw a man in anger, standing next to a car. She parked her scooty and went towards him.

“Is there something wrong?” Annika asked politely, hoping he wouldn’t yell at her. She can handle everything except for someone shouting at her.

“Yes.” To her surprise he answered calmly. He saw her in fear and wondered why, so he decided not to burst his angry on some stranger that was trying to help him. “My car broke down, I don’t know why. I’m just trying to call for someone to fix it.”

“Maybe I can help? I know a thing or two about cars.” Now the man was curious.

“Sure.” He stepped aside and Annika took a look. After a while the engine started again. He was shocked.

“H-how did you do that?”

“My friend owns an auto-repair shop. I learned a few things while hanging out there.” Annika explained to the stranger.

“Well thank you…”

“Annika.” Annika put out her hand for a handshake.

“Shivaay.” He put his hand into hers and shook it.

“Well Shivaay. I helped you now you owe me a favor.” Annika said confidently. Shivaay liked this.


“I don’t know right now and I’m getting late but give me your number and I’ll call you when I know what I want. Ok?” Shivaay notices how she’s not afraid of him, a man she just met. They exchanged numbers and went there way.

Annika stopped in front of a auto-repair shop. She went inside and saw her two best friends.

“Mallika! Bhavya!” She called out.

“Annika!” Mallika called out and ran towards her best friend. They hugged and Mallika asked, “How are you? Your visiting since a loooong time. Did you forget about us?”

Annika giggled and said, “No. How can I forget about my two best friends? I just had some work.” Mallika knew that meant Annika had some problem with her parents so she didn’t ask any further question.

“Where is Bhavya? I need her to repair my Champa.” Mallika smiled at Annika, still calling her scooty Champa.

“I’m here.” Annika looked at the direction where the voice came. There stood Bhavya with oil stains on her cheeks.

“Bhavya!” Annika exclaimed and ran towards her, giving her a big hug. “There’s a problem with Champa again.”

“I’ll take a look.” Bhavya went outside to check the scooty. After a while she came back inside and told Annika there was a problem with the tires and it would be repaired by tomorrow.

After a long chat, Annika said her byes and walked to the dance studio. While walking, something caught her eye. It was a business magazine with Shivaay on the cover.

She was stunned. The stranger she met a couple of moments ago was actually Shivaay Singh Oberoi. She’s only heard his name but never saw him. She never had an interest in business. She bought the magazine and went her way.

So how was this chapter? I wanted to write more but it would have been too long. Not sure when I’m going to publish the next chapter.


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