Even god wants us to meet….twinj (Epi 2)


Hi m back

So the episode starts with twinj aware of each other reach the dance class
(Actually twinj were friends when they were in school but after that twinkle left the schll so the neva met again )
Tw was finding the entrance of the dc (dance class) but couldn’t get and Kunj was an old student so he knew the way …..Kunj was climbing the dc suddenly he heard sm1 shouting from back …..yes it was our twinkle

T: aaahhhhh……mera pareeee. ……..ahhhhhh babaji….mmaaaaa…..
K: can I help u forwarding his hand….

(They both dint see each other cz if tw long hair covering her face )

T: tq so much….but she was nt be able to get up she tried alot bt was screaming in pain aaahhhhhhhhhhhh………………

K: ohhhooo ahram se …..

Then after a lot of struggle tw couldn’t get up so our hero Kunj picked her up…In his arms ….
Tumm !!!!!!!!!!!!! Both shocked
(Yaaa right twinj recognised each other)

K :tw tuh kaha thi
T: mai London mei studies ke lia Kunj I missed u soooooo much
K: me to sayypa queen(sq) tu abi bhi nahi sudhre xchll mei bhi Sq karte thi ar yaha bhi
Ohhhhhhhh…..wait a sec tuh mere sath dance class mei hai yeeeeiiii hum masti karenge yippee …
T: in a low voice Kunj!!!! Mera pareee mujhe acha nahi lag raha hai sirr gum raha hai…ouch….kuuunn…….jjj!!!!!!
Kunj:twinkle…..twinkl…..open ur eyes tw……ohh (lifts her nd takes her till the dc )

As sonn as kj enters evry1 sourounds him asking many questions…..who is she… what happen…. how did she cum here… how do u knw her… look wht is she wearing……..
K:bus aur nahi…..she is my frd shut up evry1 otherwise…….acha hai hoga….nd trise to wake her up…….twinkl……..He was crying…..twin..suddenly he noticed a iron rusted big pin inside her feet he took it out nd banged it
Twinle had high fever she suddenly woke up
T: ahh.. opens her eyes nd says Kunj!!!!!
K:(shocked) cupping her face twinkle twinkle ……….
Tinkle with the hlp of Kunj sits…..

T: mei thik Hu suddenly she notices many ppl surnding her nd says them
Sry to disturb ur classes m twinkle Nd nw student of ur dance class ( let’s say dance dil sei, in sht form dds okk????)
K: bus ho gaya ab chal mei tuje dctr ke pass le jata hun chal…..staring her
T: nhi Kunj yeh mere phle clss hai m fine dnt worry ek chota sa toh cut hai
K: angryly chota…….haaaann…. zid chor chal
T :no
K ys
T no
K ys
T no
K ys
T no
K no
T ys
K: dhkha ab chal

T: nahi mujhe nahi jana I wanna dance plz she tries to get up bt is abt to fall when kj holds her they share eylck …….
K : ohhhooo ahram se …. tujhe dc karna hai phlr kari toh hoja thik se …..ab I wnt listed chal drags her out of the class
T: sad face ok
K : makes her sit in the front seat of his car nd goes
While driving they talk on ramdom topics etc…..
They reach the hospital

Kunj holds. Twinkl in his arms and enter the clinic
Doctor proscribe sm medis nd says tw to tc nd rest nd not to dabce till 1 week
T nohhhhhhhh I cnt leave without dace it’s my lfe plz doc plz
Kunj says
K dnt worrydoc she wnt dance nd smirks loking at twinkle……….
Epi ends in both faces

Tq…..love u……care for u……by…
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Guyz sry wnt be able to post regularly sry but will try …..m really sry

Manya ????????

Credit to: Manya

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  1. It was nice many a but try typing properly.
    But I really like ur story line

  2. It was awesome!

  3. Amazing loved it bt sm mistakes btw osmmmmmmmm loved it do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

  4. Amazingly amazing

  5. good work!

    1. sharon (manya)m sooooo glad tht u strted writing ff nd tht too which is inspired by my ff…… loved it nd ofcourse love u

      1. And all my ff readers m soooooooooo sorry but i will nt be able to post my ff today bcus m busy packing my stuffs as m going out of town… i will try to update but it will be difficult for me as i m out for a week but srsly guys i will try my best….. nd m soo sorry manya to write this in yr ff

  6. Nice….awesome

  7. Great job !

  8. Ohhoo in my ffs no1 will say sry okk
    BT I wnt to apologise cz of my writing mistakes nd I even write in short cut….
    I’ll nt repeat it again
    Nd ritzi it’s okk no need to be sry

    1. Nd actually GUYS my actual nam is sharon so u can call me by my both the. Names

  9. superbbbbbbbb

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